Have theCowboys turned a corner?

The Cowboys got what some would call an impressive win on Sunday against the Eagles, but then some would say the Cowboys should have won by more with how bad the Eagles truly are. Either way you look at it, the win couldn’t have come at a better time; it is beginning to like the Giants are on a downward slide. If the Cowboys could get hot, it could start a hot streak into the post season.

Then again…when have the cowboys been able to string together back to back good games? This team is very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but with the next four games against opponents who are not very good, this could be a good time for the Cowboys to “turn the corner” as it has been mentioned. Yes, it takes one win to start a winning streak, but you have to follow up the next game with another win, and against Cleveland, most would say that is a good possibility.

For most fans, winning three of the next four and five of the last seven would be a great accomplishment for this team, and possibly put them in position for a playoff berth. Especially if the Giants continue to struggle and slide back to the Cowboys in the division standings.  If you are a realist instead of an optimist, then you know the chances of them winning five of the last seven are slim, but it could happen.

This is a very talented team, and could get hot at the perfect time of the season. We could be sitting back in late December saying this team turned a corner in November. Then again, we could also be saying they need to “Suck for (first round choice here)”. If the Cowboys just take it one game at a time, this could be a great start toward a strong finish, and most of Dallas’ hardcore fans will be ready to cheer their “boys” to the post season.

Are the Cowboys still “America’s Team”?

5 Super Bowl trophies, but none since 1996

The Dallas Cowboys proclaimed themselves America’s team back in the 70’s and have carried that title with great pride ever since. But in the last 15 years or so, it has become evident that the Cowboys may be losing that once coveted title, even if the title was self proclaimed. For the better part of the last 30 years, most casual fans and people across the country loved the Cowboys, but for most of that time they were winning all the time and could basically pick their prime time slot.

But ever since their last Super Bowl in 1996, the Cowboys have fallen more into mediocrity than being the dynasty that a lot of fans grew up with or remember. The Dallas Cowboys still have a lot of weight with the networks and the league in general, but it isn’t because they command the best time slot or deserve it. A lot of the respect the Cowboys get is from their past, and not their present. Each passing year the Cowboys lose the chance to gain the younger fans because they hardly ever make the playoffs, or get beat in the first or second round.

Young and upcoming fans now have the ability to be a Niners fan in Maine, or become a Dolphins fan in Oregon, Thanks to packages like the NFL ticket; kids and fans across the country can now watch any team and any game no matter where they live. And most fans will want to watch the teams that will be competing for a Super Bowl in December and January. Right now the Dallas Cowboys aren’t part of that club, they can barley compete in their division when it gets to crunch time. And it is this reason why I feel that the Cowboys are no longer “America’s Team”

Football fans across the country are searching for a team to follow, they want a winner and for the Cowboys, they haven’t been winning consistently enough. It has been a long time since the team was relevant, and it continues to look like the Cowboys will continue to be mediocre for the foreseeable future. The once proud franchise has now become a tarnished star and for Cowboys fans that is a tough pill to swallow. But who is to blame for the tarnished star? Stay tuned…

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Tony Romo: Elite or Just a guy?

There are very few atheletes who are more polarizing in the Dallas media than Tony Romo. Some people will sing his praises and pound the stat sheet until they are blue in the face to convince you that he is a great quarterback. Then there are the media types who will laugh at his stats, and tell you that he is unable to win when it counts. No matter which side of the argument you fall on, both sides make a solid case. So which is it?

Before you can answer that question, you have to look at what he has done this far in his career. Tony has put up some solid numbers, and has been inconsistent since he took over the starting job in 2006. Now you can’t blame the teams inability to win late in the season all on Tony. But as the quarterback, he is looked to be the leader and be the one who will carry the team when nescesarry. Which he has done at times, then other times he looks tottaly inept. Some would say that his “gunslinger” style is to blame, others will just say he isn’t that good.

Since taking over as the Cowboys starter in 2006, Tony Romo has had 14 game winning drives, and 13 fourth quarter comebacks. While having a career record of 47-30 as a starter. Those numbers alone don’t tell the whole story, and will be mis leading to some people. Those numbers don’t tell the story of a “December swoon” that seems to hve happened when it looks like the team is on track for a playoff birth. and once again, you can’t place all the blame on the quarterback. Football is a team sport and will always rely on the help of everyone, over one person. Yes there have been numerous cases where an individual went above and beyond to help their team win…but not every week.

Tony Romo is neither the greatest quarterback to play the game, nor the worst, much like his contemporaries he will fall somwhere in between. Six years into his career as a starting quarterback he has shown the ability to make plays and win games that are spectacular highlights. But he has also had plenty of “oops” moments where every cowboy fan hangs their head in shame. I will leave all of the Cowboys fans with this thought…it could be so much worse. Do any of you remember Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson or  even Drew Bledsoe?

Tony Romo may not be in the same catagory as Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach right now, but everyone needs to remember…those two weren’t great quarterbacks on thier own, They had a  solid team around them at every position and Tony Romo doesn’t have that right now. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinoins on Romo and it will be that way until he retires. While the debate will rage on year after year about his status  as an elite quarterback, I will choose to wait and see where he ends up before I decide which catagory he falls into.

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Another Romo Meltdown

After taking time to digest the atrocity that I witnessed two Sundays ago, I am still in shock of the complete meltdown. Tony Romo should be ashamed of himself for letting this happen again. Unfortuatly for Cowboys fans this happens far too often for comfort.

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Jason Garrett will become the Cowboys New Head Coach

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-1 and since Jason Garrett has taken over three weeks ago. But this isn’t why I think he will end up being the new Head Coach. There has been an overall change in the environment. Not to mention, that on Thursday even when all hope looked loss down 17, the Cowboys found a way to bring it back and make a game out of it. This is what Jerry Jones has been asking for all season, his team to just play hard. Does this mean that a losing streak will be tolerated? No, but there are a lot of signs that may be showing the way Jerry is leaning with his descision regarding the coaching situation.

Since Jason Garrett took over this team, Jerry has not been seen down on the sidelines during the game. Does this really mean a lot? To a Cowboys fan, yes it does. It means that Jerry for the first time since the days of Jimmy Jhonson, Jerry is keeping his nose out of the team. Does that mean that if he becomes head coach this will last? probably not, Jerry is like a spoiled kid, he will let you play with his toys for a little while, but in the end, he has to controll everything. But at this point, Jerry seems happy with the change and the team seems to be responding better.

While the list of potential candidates is about 5 deep right now, the only thing that would keep a Super Bowl winning head coach from coming to Dallas is the fact that Jerry will not relenquish full controll. Jerry is willing to do it right now to let Garrett make his mark on the team and set his rules in the locker room. But once garrett is the full time Head Coach, that will slowly start to change. Jerry has a lot of respect for Garrett and has wanted him to be the head coach for a while now. But Jerry will not be able to survive without endless power of this football team. Cowboys fans just need to hope that Garrett can maintain enough controll in the next few seasons to be able to make a playoff run and possibly get a ring before all hope is lost.

Jason Garrett is a good coach, with no head coaching experience, but the team has responded and has been a good change for this franchise. The Cowboys may be lucky with this guy becoming the head coach and be able to catch lightning in a bottle. But this choice will be unpopular with majority of the fan base, especially with names like Cowher,Dungy, and Gruden still sitting out there unemployed. Does that mean the Cowboys have a chance at them? No, but most fans want the big time hire that gives them some hope. I have news for you, if you have watched the last three games, there is the hope you want, and the improvment you have been begging for. Let’s give “ol red” the benefit of the doubt and support his hire. Who knows, maybe he has what it takes to keep Jerry quiet and will run this team the way it is supposed to be. Only Cowboys fans can hope.