Upcoming games could be big for Cowboys


The Cowboys are facing a tough stretch in their upcoming schedule with three games in 12 days. Two of those three games are going to be on the road, and it will be a tough road especially, because while the Cowboys seem healthy, Romo’s back could be in danger with these upcoming games.

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Is Eli Manning an Elite Quarterback?


Eli Manning will be playing in his second Super Bowl on Sunday evening.  Now there is already media talk about whether he deserves to be in an elite status as an NFL quarterback. For a guy who started his NFL career by demanding to be traded and refusing to ever play for the San Diego Chargers who drafted him #1 in 2004, to his second Super Bowl is a long and winding road.

Eli is in a very tough situation being the starting quarterback for the New York Giants.  With the New York media it doesn’t matter how much he wins, or how good he does, they will pick him apart for the small mistakes. However this doesn’t mean the rest of the national media should coddle him and start calling him elite. Yes, Eli has taken the Giants to two Super Bowls now, and has had good stats in doing so.
My reasoning is if you want to call him an elite quarterback, then shouldn’t he be more consistent? There are times during the season where Eli looks very inept and barely hits “just another guy” status.  Then at other times he hits another level that makes you think he is destined for greatness. It is this kind of inconsistency that really makes me wonder if he really is an elite player. Sure, having a 2nd Super Bowl ring will be nice, but elite status isn’t determined by Super Bowl rings… (Just ask Ben Roethlisberger or Marino)

If Eli Manning can be a more consistent quarterback and find ways to win, even when his team isn’t playing to their potential, then yes, I would easily say he is. But there needs to be some more proof before I want to anoint him elite or even great. It isn’t fair to some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, to throw someone in there with them just because they have a shot at winning a 2nd championship.

I feel Eli Manning has the potential and the skill to eventually land on the elite list, but he needs to find that extra something that guys like Montana, Aikman, Bradshaw and Elway all had. Just because you win multiple Super Bowls doesn’t make you elite. We have seen plenty of teams win Super Bowls in spite of their quarterback (Pittsburgh Steelers/Ben Roethlisberger).

I don’t think the Giants could win this game without Eli, and, I don’t think Eli could lead another team like he has this Giants squad. They are a group that needs each other. If Eli Manning wants to become an elite quarterback and surpass his brother, then he needs to find more consistency in his game. He needs to string together great games and be good when he isn’t fully on his “A” game. Until then, Eli Manning is just another good quarterback who will have a few good games but follow them with sub par performances.  History here speaks for itself.

Obviously only time will tell.  No one, except the players and their fans, remember who lost the previous Super Bowls.  Tom Brady (most definitely an elite quarterback) may have a lot to say about how good Eli and his Giants really are.

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San Francisco fires Mike Singletary and other coaches are on the Hot Seat

Lastnight the San Francisco 49ers fired their head coach Mike Singletary, and pretty much ended the speculation as to when it would happen and not if it would. While Singletary started out good enough, the two full seasons he has had have been lackluster at best. A 8-8 finish last season and well on their way to a worse mark this season has made it where it was a guaruntee that he wouldn’t survive another season in San Francisco. While a few coaches have had the axe fall to this point of the season, now it is always leading to the question of who else will see the hatchet man in their door way before the start of next season.

The one coach who comes to mind first that seems to have the hottest seat right now will have to be Tom Coughlin. I know, his seat gets hot whenever the Giants lose, but it has to be getting really hot after giving up a come back loss to the Eagles and then getting slapped around in Green Bay yesterday. Obviously his job is always in danger, but I think after the last two weeks, it is really in danger.

John Fox from Carolina has to start looking over his shoulder as the season comes to a close. This team under Fox has been getting worse and worse the last couple seasons. Somtimes it is just time to cut your losses and move on.

Saying that, another coach who needs to cut his losses and will probably be cut is Jeff Fisher in Tennessee. While he is the most tenured coach at one job in the NFL, he has never been able to take the Titans to the promisedland. One Super Bowl appearance in 16 years is a far cry from where everyone thought they were heading. Top on that with the on going fued with the number 1 pick Vince Young and disagreement with the owner about said pick.  

Another coach that comes to mind is Gary Kubiak in Houston. While this season started out to set up nicely for the Texans, things haven’t worked the way it was planned. While Kubiak may be able to avoid getting fired, by bolting to Denver. If he doesn’t move first, he will probably be fired at seasons end.

The last coach that comes to mind has never been able to get his team over the hump. There has been some good talent in Cincinatti, but it always seems that something keeps this team from reaching it’s potential. Maybe it’s the fact that there are too many egos in the locker room and of course you bring in the locker room cancer Terrell Owens and every team will see a huge regression. Sorry to say, that Marvin Lewis will be watching for the executioner. Because after the succsess of last year, it feel far short their ultimate goal and won’t make the playoffs this season.

While all of this is pure speculation, it just seems that some fanbases are more upset than others. It is never fun to see a team have to fire a coach and go through the transition of a new coaching staff. But there are times that it is needed. These coaches are just the top of the list that comes to mind. I am sure there are more. So who do you think I missed?