Who should be the next Coach of the Texas Longhorns?

Mack Brown announced over the weekend he was going to resign as the Head Coach of the Texas Longhorns after their Bowl Game. While this was not unexpected, the timing of it seemed suspicious and some within the program have blamed Mack for “blocking” a potential deal to get Nick Saban. As I stated in my rumors post, I never really believed Nick Saban was a real option for the Longhorns, either way it has caused Mack to be berated instead of celebrated.

But after this announcement, it led me to start thinking about potential candidates for the Head Coaching job. There have been plenty of names tossed around, some impressive, some not so much and I even found a few of my own who I thought might be a good fit.
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Rumors, Rumors and more Rumors

For the last couple weeks, if not longer, there have been numerous rumors surrounding the Longhorns and Mack Brown. Obviously with lackluster seasons happening in consecutive years, the fan base is extremely unhappy with Mack. But it seems every day or so someone posts something on a message board or twitter with news from a “source” about some development on who the next coach will or will not be. The popular name among message board fodder is Nick Saban and everyone has had some story or information from a “source” that almost guarantees he will be at Texas. Continue reading

It’s Time

There is usually a time and place where the realization hits you that it isn’t working anymore. And last Saturday the Longhorns and their fans got hit with that possibility. Time for what, you may ask…well, to put it simple, It’s time for the Mack Brown era to come to an end in Austin. Don’t get me wrong, Mack Brown has been a good coach, and he has put Texas back into the national conversation. He brought Texas out of that dark period of mediocrity and took them to the top of the mountain. But he hasn’t been able to do it consistently; there is always something that happens to his teams that keep them from reaching their full potential…To read the rest of this Article, please continue to HornSports.com

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Longhorns 2012 Texas Preview; Building Expectations

Last year the Longhorns rebounded from a poor 2010 with a decent 2011, finishing up their season with a win in the Holiday bowl pushing their record to 8-5. In the 14 previous seasons under Mack Brown, there had only been a few seasons with less than 10 wins and having back to back seasons below that threshold will have added pressure on coaching staff to find a way to get back to the 10 win mark.


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Another fall, Another QB controversy

It is another fall, and camp has started in preparation for football season in Texas. As the excitement builds towards the upcoming season, this is another year with a quarterback controversy and this is becoming a yearly problem on the forty acres. There hasn’t been a stable offseason with the quarterback position since Colt McCoy left.

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