Kody’s Sports Korner Bowl Preview; Part 3

If you  have missed the first two bowl previews I did, check out part 1 here and part 2 here

TicketCity Bowl:
Northwestern vs Texas Tech –
Sadly this New Year will begin with this lackluster bowl. In the inaugural Ticket City Bowl in Dallas, there will be a first time meeting between the Northwestern Wildcats and Texas Tech Red Raiders. While Northwestern is looking for it’s first bowl win since 1949, Texas Tech has some concerns if it’s coach will be around for next year. But all of that aside, there are a lot questions on how will Northwestern handle the pass heavy attack of the Red Raiders. Sadly to say, Northwestern will not get it’s first bowl win here. They will be lucky to stay within 21 points of the Red Raiders.
Prediction: Texas Tech 52 – Northwestern 21

Outback Bowl:
Florida vs Penn St
When this match up was announced, you figured there would be retirement talks from one coach. But the coach who is going to step down isn’t the 84 year old Joe Paterno, but the 46 year old Urban Meyer. While this is a shock to most, it isn’t that big of a shock after last years flip flop. The big question about this game will be whether or not Penn State can contain a good Florida team. After their struggles with an Alabama squad earlier in the year, I don’t see this one being pretty for the Nittany Lions.
Prediction: Florida 35 – Penn State 14

Capital One Bowl:
Alabama vs Michigan St
While most everybody will be expecting Alabama to roll in this game, I expect to see Michigan St give Alabama a run for their money and pull off a upset. Michigan State has been an underrated team all year and is probably the best team coming out of the Big Ten this season. Expect an exciting game, one that should give the Big Ten it’s few bowl wins this season.
Prediction: Michigan State 28 – Alabama 21

Gator Bowl:
Mississippi St vs Michigan
This is a very ho hum match up, there are a lot of better game to watch and I am sure Michigan won’t show up so they can assure to get rid of Rich Rod. That being said, Dan Mullen will have Mississippi State ready to play. Expect this one to be a blow out.
Prediction: Mississippi State 35 – Michigan 17

GoDaddy.com Bowl:
Middle Tennessee vs Miami(OH)
For a match up of two teams that nobody cares about outside of their respective cities. This could be a good game to watch for college football enthusiasts. Miami is going to be playing with a lot of momentum from their surprise win at the MAC championship. Meanwhile Middle Tennessee is trying to get one more win and finish with a winning record. Should be a good game and expect it to be a close one.
Prediction: Miami (OH) 24 – Middle Tennessee 21

Cotton Bowl:
LSU vs Texas A&M
In one of the more exciting bowl match ups, this game should be a lot of fun to watch. But don’t expect to see any surprises here as LSU should be able to find a way to win this game and put another notch in the belt for the SEC. Only question will be if Les Miles will have some Tiger Stadium grass available at this game.
Prediction: LSU 35 – Texas A&M 28

Compass Bowl:
Pittsburgh vs Kentucky
While everyone has Pitt as their favorite and expects them to win this game, Kentucky has been able to hang tough when least expected to. This could be a spring board into next season for the Wildcats and look for a very exciting game between these two teams.
Prediction: Kentucky 28 – Pitt 21

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl:
Nevada vs Boston College
Expect Nevada to play with a lot of pride and be able to move the ball at will on Boston College. This is not going to be a pretty game for the Eagles, but it could be a very close game throughout if Boston College can contain the Pistol.
Prediction: Nevada 42 – Boston College 21

That is the last of the bowl previews for the lesser bowl games. Check back soon for the BCS Preview.

Kody’s Sports Korner Bowl Preview; Part 1

Well, it is finally that time of year, where College football fanatics get to lay up on their couches for the next few weeks and inhale a football smorgasbord. So without anymore delay, here is Kody’s Sports Korner’s Bowl Preview.

New Mexico Bowl:
The first game on the slate is the New Mexico Bowl, which includes two former WAC foes and should be an interesting game. At the start of the season, BYU was thinking Mountain West title hopes and possibly being a BCS buster, but their season fell short of their expectations. Meanwhile, UTEP had another solid season and are playing in their 4th bowl game since 2000. This should be a good game at the start, but I expect to see BYU pull away in the end.
Prediction: BYU 42 – UTEP 21

uDrove Humanitarian Bowl:
N. Illinois vs Fresno St.
Maybe I am just a little crazy, but I really don’t see Boise, Idaho as a popular Bowl location. But both of these teams should be happy to be playing in a Bowl. Northern Illinois will have a chip on it’s shoulder coming off the heartbreaking loss in the MAC championship game. Not to mention, their coach has been plucked into the Minnesota job. Meanwhile, Fresno State is coming off a sub par season, but will look to win and end it’s season on a high note. This game is intriguing to me and I look to see it be very close and tight until the bitter end. But I think Northern Illinois has a little too much to play for.
Prediction: N. Illinois 35 – Fresno St 21

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl:
Ohio vs Troy

While this is not a game that jumps out on the schedule, this could be a very good game. Both of these teams match up very well, and Ohio is looking for it’s first bowl win. While Troy has had a suspect defense at times this year, I expect to see them ready to play in this game and be able to make stops at will against Ohio. I figure this will be a very tight game, but I am expecting Troy to squeak it out in the end.
Prediction: Troy 24 – Ohio 17

Beef  O’Brady’s St. Petersburg Bowl:
Louisville vs Southern Mississippi
This is a match up of two former Conference USA foes, which for the time, was dominated by Southern Miss. But this is a new day and there is a new coach at Louisville and I think this will be Louisville’s game to lose. Southern Miss is a good team, but I think Louisville is the better team even with the worse record. I expect Louisville to show up and be ready to play. They have a lot on the line to win their first bowl game under Charlie Strong.
Prediction: Louisville 35 – Southern Miss 21

Maaco Las Vegas Bowl:
Utah vs Boise St.
This has the potential to be one of the more exciting games in the early bowl game slate, but I really don’t think Utah will be able to compete with Boise State much past the 2nd quarter. Boise State is going to have a huge chip on it’s shoulder and will be looking to make up for the fact that it lost a chance at a BCS bowl. Utah is going to be playing with it’s back up quarterback in this game which will only add to the grief. Boise runs away with this game and proves to everyone that they may have deserved a shot at an at-large bid.
Prediction: Boise St. 42 – Utah 20

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl:
Navy vs San Diego State
This game will be an interesting match up, Navy is a heavy option team, and showed in their game with Army that they can do a pass game. But this looks more like San Diego State will win this one since they will have a huge home field advantage. Navy could pull the surprise if they can show a few new wrinkles in their offensive game plan. As long as Navy can contain SDSU offensively they should keep it close. But in the end, home field will be the difference.
Prediction: San Diego St 35 – Navy 32

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl:
Hawaii vs Tulsa
This should be a fun game to watch, if nothing for the fact that Hawaii can throw the ball around with the best of them. Also, have to mention that another home field bowl game for the warriors will add to the thought, that they will be favored to win this game. Tulsa is not a slack program by any stretch, but I just don’t see how they can keep up with hawaii’s passing attack, this one could get ugly early and stay that way.
Prediction: Hawaii 42 – Tulsa 20

Championship Weekend Preview: These games matter

This weekend is Championship weekend and these games will not only decide conference champions, but most of them will decide who goes to what bowl games and which teams will be part of the BCS Bowls. But there is one game on this slate with national championship game implications, which only makes this one game the most importaint of the day. Meanwhile there are teams making their first appearence in the championship, and some teams who have been here many times before. Either way we should enjoy this group of games, because the season is over after today.

N. Illinois vs Miami(OH)
The annual showdown of MAC teams at Ford Field in Detroit usually ends up saving most of us from Friday night boredom. This year we get N.Illinois against Miami(OH), which should be a good game. N. Illinois is coming in on a good year and coming off an out right dismantling of a directional Michigan school. Meanwhile Miami has had a good year, coming in to this game after beating a quality Temple team. This game is usually very entertaining and usually has a few wrinkles thrown into it. I predict a very close game, but I think Northern Illinois will win this one.
Prediction: Northern Illinois 28 – Miami(OH) 17

SMU is getting back into the national spotlight, this time for the right reasons. SMU is playing for their first out right conference championship since 1982, But the did have a C0-champiosnhip back in 1984(SWC -With Houston). SMU is going to go to their second bowl in a row win or lose. This is an exciting team to watch and they are going to a team that is dangerous in the Conference USA championship game. UCF is a young division 1 program who is really starting to establish a recipie for success, UCF is a good team and will be dangerous at home in this game. UCF hasn’t won a Confrence USA title since 2007. This should be an entertaining game, but I will give the slight edge to the Mustangs and think they will have what it takes to win their first conference crown in 27 years.
Prediction: SMU 17 – UCF 10

Auburn vs South Carolina
This has to be the game of the day. With so much riding on this game, it will be must see TV. This will be the 2nd meeting between these two teams this season, the forst one resulted in a close escape for Auburn. But this time around, it will probably be a different ball game. Steve Spurrier will have his team ready to play, and will look to clinch South Carolina’s first SEC title. Auburn on the other hand is coming off one of the more exciting wins this season. If Cam Newton can make plays again this week, then Auburn should win. If S. Carolina can contain him, then they have a shot. Either way it should be entertaining.
Prediction: Auburn 24 – S. Carolina 21

Florida State vs Virginia Tech
This is a match up of familiar foes, but this will be the first time that these two teams have met in the championship game since 2005. Virginia Tech is coming in winning the last eight games of the season after starting 0-2. Beamer has had his team on a roll and they look to be able to win this game and get into a BCS bowl, which after the second week, looked like an impossible dream. Florida State is coming in after a solid year, and after the way it started, this is a great way to look at ending the season. After being dismanteled by Oklahoma, everyone thought this team was in trouble. But they rebounded by 5 in a row, suffered two losses and then won the last three. The last win was a big one being over in-state rival Florida. This should be an evenly matched game. I think Virginia Tech is just a little bit better and wins a battle.
Prediction: Virginia Tech 35 – Florida State 28

Oklahoma vs Nebraska
This is a classic match up between two old school rivals from the original Big 8 conference. But these two teams have been up and down in the Big XII. This will be the first time these two have met since 2006, which Oklahoma won. There is a lot on the line in this game for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, they will be leaving the conference after this season and they would love to be able to walk out a champion. Nebraska is coming to the game witht only two losses this season, both to teams from the state of Texas. But the bigger thing on their mind is erasing the pain from last year when they were beat on a last second field goal. This year Pelini wants nothing more to win the game and bury the past in Dallas. Oklahoma on the other hand is coming in after winning an exciting game last week agianst their rival. Oklahoma has had a good year, but it hasn’t been as good as some would hope after suffering two losses. But it is a drastic improvment from last season. This should be an even game, but I think the running game will be the difference and that is why I am picking Oklahoma to win in a knock down drag out brawl.
Prediction: Oklahoma 28 – Nebraska 24

Other Games of interest:

UConn vs. S. Florida:
This game wouldn’t be that interesing to me other than the fact that UConn can effeictivley win the Big East crown and be the team to play in a BCS bowl. South Florida just recently beat Miami, but UConn is coming in on a 4 game win streak. This should be a fun game to watch, but I think Uconn will be able to win this one pretty easy. There is a big carrott for the huskies and that will help them find the way to win.
Prediction: Uconn 35 – S. Florida 21

Oregon vs Oregon State:
The annual Civil War game is always a fun game to watch, but this one has a little more at stake than the usual year. This year Oregon can punch their ticket to Glendale with a victory. This seems like an easy enough task to get up for and secure your shot at a national championship. But the problem is, this is a rivalry game and things happen in rivalry games. unfortunatly I don’t see that one happening in this game. Oregon should do to State, what they have done all season.
Prediction: Oregon 52 – Oregon State 10