Johnny Manziel; Not ready for the NFL


Johnny Manziel was a good player in college, and was hyped to be a franchise player in the NFL. But we saw this past off season, he is still immature and doesn’t have the poise to do what it takes to succeed in the NFL. He is more interested in the celebrity than he is being a good quarterback.

Then came his biggest blunder in the pre-season where he decided to let some trash talk get under his skin. He then decided to give a “one finger salute” to the other teams sideline. While it was funny to see it on TV, it is not going to do anything to help is reputation of being an immature fame hound. After that instance he was named back up which then coined the name “Johnny Clipboard”.

We have seen this story happen over and over in football, where we have a player who is just other worldly in College and dominates to a point where he is anointed a future NFL hall of famer before his first snap. Then they get in the league and wind up being a bust, Tim Tebow anyone? Now we have Manziel being the next over hyped poster boy.

Can Manziel have a good career and prove all the nay sayers wrong? Sure…but his style of play generally doesn’t fit well in the NFL. Very few quarterbacks are able to survive on their running ability because the defense is as fast, sometimes faster than they are. At this point with everything I have seen, I would be willing to bet he won’t be in the NFL in 5 years. Or if he is still in the NFL, he will still be a back up and only be famous for what he is doing on instagram or out on the town.

If Manziel can mature and wind up settling down to a point where he is more football focused than celebrity focused, then he may wind up having a good career. I don’t think he will be anything more than an average player who will help the browns win a few more games. But he won’t be the next superstar on the field.

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Aggies face life after Johnny Football

This coming season the Texas A&M Aggies will venture into a new era of Aggie football. After having two successful seasons and surpassing most peoples expectations. While most Aggie fans realize this season will be harder than the last two, they seem to think they will still be able to compete in the Southeastern Conference without Johnny Manziel.

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Early look at Texas A&M 2014 schedule

Texas A&M AggiesThe Texas A&M Aggies will go into the 2014 season with high hopes and high expectations after two full seasons in the Southeastern Conference and some success. But the Aggies are going to have to take on this coming season without, probably the best and most polarizing player to ever wear a Texas A&M uniform. Continue reading

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Is Johnny Manziel un-draftable?

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel is at it again, as the College season came to a close, we started hearing less and less from “Johnny Football”. But now the draft is fast approaching and the combine will be starting soon, he decided to come out and speak. When asked his thoughts on Houston passing on him, he said “it would be the biggest mistake they could make”. Which is funny because he went on to politic for other teams and even said he “wants to be the guy to bring a Super Bowl to Cleveland”, he even went on to talk about how it would be folk lore if the Dallas Cowboys drafted him. Now pardon me while I pick myself off the floor from laughing at that last phrase. Continue reading

Aggies thinking Championship or Bust in 2013

Last year was a magical season for the Texas A&M Aggies, they had a Heisman trophy winning quarterback and shocked the world by going 6-2(11-2 overall) in the very tough SEC Conference. But the story for the Aggies this offseason hasn’t been about expectations or even what they have done in preparation for the season, it has been all headlines for their Heisman quarterback Johnny Manziel. I won’t get into that now; I have some thoughts on him to post later. But don’t get me wrong, the national media is now paying attention to A&M, every team in the SEC is paying attention and a lot of people are saying it is an SEC championship and National championship or bust for the Aggies this year. But are they really ready to make that next step?

Johnny Manziel returns for an encore to his successful Heisman campaign from last year, but this year will prove to be a lot tougher on him than last year. He was an unknown, surprising everybody week after week and improving. This year he will have a target on his back and defenses chomping at the bit to knock him down. I think he will be okay and can turn this year into a success for the Aggies, but be will be ducking and dodging a lot more this year than last. Obviously there isn’t a quarterback who can do it alone, but as a Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel will have some lofty expectations to make big plays on his own.

Luckily for Manziel the Aggies have Oklahoma transfer and sophomore running back Brandon Williams to pick up some of the slack in the running game. Between him and Manziel, there should be plenty of explosive plays coming out of the A&M backfield. But a running game alone can’t help an offense; you have to have some down field weapons, which will be one of the bigger questions for the Aggies offense. Led by senior Derel Walker and junior Malcome Kennedy, they hope to give “Johnny Football” lots of opportunities to make plays down field. If all three units can mesh together, then that will make the offensive lines job so much easier. Some experts are saying this is still one of the top offensive line units in the country, and with someone who is elusive as Manziel; their job will be easy and focusing on picking up the blitz, or creating holes for the running game.

Last season everybody made fun of the Aggies moving into the SEC and said the Aggies couldn’t hang with the SEC offenses. They quickly proved that wrong by holding their opponents in the SEC under 30 points in conference play. The Aggies defense had one game where they allowed 57 points, but that was in a non-conference game against Louisiana Tech. This year looks to be just as good for the Aggies on the defensive side of the ball; they are returning five starters from last year and will be anchored by experience with two seniors and six juniors on the defense. Also in their favor is the fact they have most of their toughest games at home this year. Their biggest test could be a potential night game near the end of the season at LSU. If the Aggies defense can match the same type of intensity from last year, then the Aggies will be a team who could win the Conference.

The Aggies have a favorable schedule this season with most of their toughest games being at Kyle Field and returning 11 starters from last year. Aggie faithful will have higher expectations, but the biggest question mark will be how Johnny Manziel is able to handle the pressure of being a returning Heisman winner. If he can just be half as good as last year and the rest of the team picks up that slack, then the Aggies may be National Championship contenders, and if he doesn’t, then they could just be pretenders. The Aggies are no longer an unknown; they will have a target on their back this season.

8/31 – Rice- W

9/7 – Sam Houston St. – W

9/14- Alabama- W

9/21- SMU- W

9/28- At Arkansas- W

10/12- At Mississippi- W

10/19- Auburn- W

10/26- Vanderbilt- W

11/2- UTEP- W

11/9- Miss. St. – W

11/23- At LSU- L

11/30- At Missouri- W


2013 Record: 11-1