Nolan Ryan Curse?

Nolan RyanDid Nolan Ryan curse the Texas Rangers when he left?

Back in the off-season, Nolan Ryan made a statement to the ownership group, which had been slowly shrinking his power and control within the franchise, he pretty much said “It’s him(John Daniels), or me” and the ownership went with the latter and chose John Daniels over Nolan Ryan, which seemed to irritate and upset most people within the fan base.
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Thoughts on Ian Kinsler’s comments

Ian Kinsler CommentsIan Kinsler recently came out with some comments about John Daniels and the Texas Rangers, and they seem to have started a fire storm for Ian in the area. But then after the comments reach a national audience, he wants to say they were taken out of context and back off of them a little bit. Unfortunately for Ian, this isn’t going to happen. While his comments seemed a little harsh and probably not the best comments to make a point, I think if you take a deep look at what he said, then there may be some truth in what was said. Because we have heard similar things about the Rangers organization from other players who have left, namely Josh Hamilton, you have to start to think there is some truth. Even though Josh has become public enemy number one, Ian will probably fall to Public enemy number two after these comments.

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Could Michael Young return to the Rangers?

Michael YoungThere was some troubling news announced this week out of Surprise, Arizona. It had to deal with some shoulder problems with the wunderkind Jurickson Profar. While it doesn’t sound like anything major at this time, what if he isn’t ready for opening day, or it requires more medical attention. What are the Rangers going to do without him at 2nd base? Well, I am sure if they wanted to they could find someone in the minors to fill a gap, but do we really want to trust 2nd base to someone who may not have played in the Majors yet? I wouldn’t want to trust that big of a spot to someone who hasn’t played at this level, especially when there is someone out there who has played with the majority of our infield and is as selfless a player as there has ever been in a Rangers uniform. Yes I am talking about Michael Young. Continue reading

Nolan Ryan “Retires”; But was it Forced?

Late last week it was announced Nolan Ryan would be retiring from the Texas Rangers front office, but during the press conference Nolan let it slip that he was resigning. It has been no secret there has been some discourse between Nolan and Rangers GM Jon Daniels, but in public, they would say it was just “media fodder” and nothing was wrong. This has led some people to wonder, was Nolan being forced out, or is he leaving because he doesn’t want to be involved with Daniels anymore?

The only two people who know the true answer will be Nolan and Jon, and they have both made it very clear, neither will tip their cap to the true answer. While the owners and rest of the front office staff want fans to believe this will be a seamless transition and will not effect the way the team plays on the field going forward. I can’t help but think this could have a bigger negative affect than most will realize right now.

Nolan Ryan brought credibility to this franchise when it was nothing more than a laughingstock and he helped engineer the turnaround of a life time. Most people will give Daniels most of the credit, but I don’t doubt for a minute Nolan had more power than most realized. And it was because of that power that Daniels started lobbying for more control and ended up getting it. But with that control, the Rangers are now losing someone who gave fans hope the team would finally bring a championship back to Arlington.

Can the Rangers win a World Series without Nolan in the front office? Yes, but those hopes will now fall solely on Jon Daniels shoulders, and if Rangers fans will look back, he had a history of making dumb decisions before Nolan arrived. Some would argue the lack of a decision this year could be at fault for the Rangers not going further in the post season. So as Rangers fans say good bye to Nolan, and try to keep positive about the future of this team, they can only hope Daniels doesn’t regress with his sole control of decisions going forward.

Can fans fully say “In Jon Daniels we trust?” only time will tell.

Rangers thoughts for the All Star Break

The Rangers have entered the all star break 2 games back and are facing some of the same issues that are almost like a broken record for the franchise. There have been a lot of exciting things happening with team this year as they have done better than most expected. As we head into the second half of the season, let’s look at some things that need some help and maybe some ideas to help turn the season around and find another post season run.


Once again, this seems to be the crutch of the Rangers. Not saying anything bad here, just as usual with the Rangers the problem lies within the pitching rotation and bullpen. This year is different than past years because so many of our pitchers are ending up on the disabled list. Matt Harrison, Colby Lewis, Neftali Feliz, Alexi Ogando, and now Yu Darvish are all spending time on the DL, and some of them have yet to even see playing time so far. With so many quality arms missing time, or the season to this point, it seems amazing the Rangers have done as well as they have to this point. It is thanks to guys like Tanner Scheppers and Martin Perez who have stepped up when needed too. Also serviceable appearances by many other players and some luck as well.

The Rangers need to focus on finding another pitcher, whether it is for the bullpen or starting rotation. Another arm to eat quality innings would help this team catch their second wind and make a push to the post season.

Jurickson Profar

I wrote earlier in the year the Rangers need to trade him and cash in on his “top prospect” value. But as we have watch the season go on, he has proven to be a valuable asset because he has been playing numerous spots around the field and has been able to give guys much needed rest. While I still think they should trade him for a pitcher or even a big bat, I wouldn’t complain if they decide to keep him for the rest of year. There is some debate to whether his stock has started to fall because he hasn’t been as stellar as one would expect him to be.

If the right deal comes along and the Rangers can acquire the right player who won’t end up being a “Rental”, he could prove to be a main piece. Otherwise the time he gets to play could end up helping him become a common name in the lineup for years to come.

Nelson Cruz

What will happen to Nelson Cruz? It has been rumored he will be suspended soon and it has also been rumored he won’t be suspended this year. Which makes fans wonder if the uncertainty of his status is causing him to have lower numbers than years past, either way; he probably won’t be back next year anyway. It would just be nice to see him pick up his production in the second half of the year and help push the rangers into the post season.

2nd half

The Rangers will begin the 2nd half of the season at home against Baltimore. This will also feature putting Ivan “pudge” Rodriguez into the team’s hall of fame. Hopefully John Daniels has a trick up his sleeve or two because the Rangers need some help, both pitching and hitting. If everyone could get healthy then we could see the team make a strong push, but there is some doubt over who will return and who may be down for the rest of the year. It isn’t like the Rangers are going to be in danger of not being in contention, but you can always improve and make a push toward the playoffs.

There is still a lot of baseball left to play and the Rangers are in a good position to reach the post season and try to make another World Series.