Jason Garrett not going anywhere

Jason GarrettJerry Jones came out during his time at the Combine and told a local beat reporter “He doesn’t see Jason Garrett going anywhere after this season”. Which should not be surprising to most fans because Garrett is the one hand picked coach Jerry wanted when he fired Wade Phillips. I think it is pretty common knowledge, Jerry wanted to hire Jason then, but went with a more experienced coach, so he didn’t get blasted by the fans and media for hiring a rookie head coach. Continue reading

December Doldrums for the Cowboys

Back a few weeks ago I wrote a piece about the Cowboys turning a corner. At that time, they were finishing up the November part of their schedule and they were looking at playing the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers with backup quarterbacks, plus finishing up their season with a weak Washington squad and a semi-hot Eagles team. But I was worried the December curse would once again fall upon the Cowboys and doom any chance at breaking out of mediocrity. Continue reading

Cowboys Fire Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan Fired by the Cowboys

Rob Ryan Fired by the Cowboys

It was announced yesterday evening that the Dallas Cowboys had fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, which has led to a major case of morning sickness for Cowboys fans across the area. Reactions from fans on Twitter, Facebook and even on call in talk shows have ranged from anger to disbelief.

Most fans feel like Ryan got the short end of the stick since he hasn’t been here very long and the simple fact he was able to more with less. Rob Ryan helped plug in guys who went from sitting on their couches to playing in the NFL almost overnight.  This proves to be another very unpopular decision by Jerry Jones.

Rob Ryan made a statement after the news of the firing and pretty much said, “I won’t be unemployed for long” and he is very right. He has a chance to get on with another team, and will probably end up making the Cowboys pay dearly for this decision. Because everyone seems to think the wrong coach got fired last night, most fans would have you believe it should have been Jason Garrett who was let go last night.  But we all know Jerry won’t run his puppet out of town until pressure from the fans becomes unbearable.


The Cowboys can win with Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones finally got his man this past season, when he hired Jason Garrett as the interim head coach. Then went ahead and stripped the interim tag off the title. So the team now has it’s 6th head coach under the Jerry Jones regime, hopefully the 6th time will be the charm to bring back success to the Cowboys. While Jason Garrett is un proven as a head coach, the fact that the team seemed to respond to him in the latter part of the season is a good enough sign to signify some excitement in the fan base. The biggest change we can all look to so far is the fact that Jason has been picking his coaching staff and has had full control of the decision, not Jerry like in years past.

 This is the first time since Jimmy Johnson that a head coach has run the show completely, but will it last? That part of the question will only be answered when the next season finally gets started. But for anyone who has been skimming the news there are a lot of positive signs coming out of Valley Ranch. The biggest news that really caught everyone’s attention is the fact that he went to Duke University and spent a week with Coach K and his staff. If a coach can swallow his pride enough to go sit with another successful coach and learn what makes a team tick, then this guy is setting up for a great career.

 While all of this talk is all fine and dandy, the truth is that Jason has to win the fans over and put wins on the board. If the final few games of last season are any indication than the fans have something to hope on. But the feeling is positive that this is the guy for the job and he will be able to turn this team around.

Jason Garrett will become the Cowboys New Head Coach

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-1 and since Jason Garrett has taken over three weeks ago. But this isn’t why I think he will end up being the new Head Coach. There has been an overall change in the environment. Not to mention, that on Thursday even when all hope looked loss down 17, the Cowboys found a way to bring it back and make a game out of it. This is what Jerry Jones has been asking for all season, his team to just play hard. Does this mean that a losing streak will be tolerated? No, but there are a lot of signs that may be showing the way Jerry is leaning with his descision regarding the coaching situation.

Since Jason Garrett took over this team, Jerry has not been seen down on the sidelines during the game. Does this really mean a lot? To a Cowboys fan, yes it does. It means that Jerry for the first time since the days of Jimmy Jhonson, Jerry is keeping his nose out of the team. Does that mean that if he becomes head coach this will last? probably not, Jerry is like a spoiled kid, he will let you play with his toys for a little while, but in the end, he has to controll everything. But at this point, Jerry seems happy with the change and the team seems to be responding better.

While the list of potential candidates is about 5 deep right now, the only thing that would keep a Super Bowl winning head coach from coming to Dallas is the fact that Jerry will not relenquish full controll. Jerry is willing to do it right now to let Garrett make his mark on the team and set his rules in the locker room. But once garrett is the full time Head Coach, that will slowly start to change. Jerry has a lot of respect for Garrett and has wanted him to be the head coach for a while now. But Jerry will not be able to survive without endless power of this football team. Cowboys fans just need to hope that Garrett can maintain enough controll in the next few seasons to be able to make a playoff run and possibly get a ring before all hope is lost.

Jason Garrett is a good coach, with no head coaching experience, but the team has responded and has been a good change for this franchise. The Cowboys may be lucky with this guy becoming the head coach and be able to catch lightning in a bottle. But this choice will be unpopular with majority of the fan base, especially with names like Cowher,Dungy, and Gruden still sitting out there unemployed. Does that mean the Cowboys have a chance at them? No, but most fans want the big time hire that gives them some hope. I have news for you, if you have watched the last three games, there is the hope you want, and the improvment you have been begging for. Let’s give “ol red” the benefit of the doubt and support his hire. Who knows, maybe he has what it takes to keep Jerry quiet and will run this team the way it is supposed to be. Only Cowboys fans can hope.