Say Hello to Johnny Heisman

After the upset over Alabama I wrote a piece about Johnny football and said one day we would be calling him “Johnny Heisman”. Well, that day came sooner than I ever expected as Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M has become the first Freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy. It is a shock to most to see someone win the award after only one season of major college football under his belt. But if you watched him at any point this season, you would know he is truly deserving of this honor.

Winning the Heisman is usually the topping to the career cake for most great football players, but winning it in your freshman year will undoubtedly put more pressure on Johnny Manziel to win it a 2nd time and even carry the Aggies further than he did in his first season as the quarterback. After a solid 10 win season, upsetting then number one team at home and being one win away from possibly being in the SEC championship game. The cards will be set up for the Aggies and Manziel to possibly be favorites to be in Atlanta next season.

Regardless from what happens from here on out, one thing will remain true and honest, Johnny Manziel will always be called Heisman winner and nobody will ever be able to take that away from him, no matter what happens the next two or three years.

Johnny Football to Johnny Heisman?

There has been one name to be on the tip of every college football fans tongue is the name of freshman sensation Johnny Manzi    el from Texas A&M. He has taken the College football scene by storm with his exciting play, and now he has garnered more attention after leading the Aggies to an upset in Tuscaloosa.

While it is very unlikely and unheard of, there is a lot of talk about Manziel being a Heisman candidate and even possibly a front runner. If he is able to continue as strong as he has started then it will be tough to keep him out of New York at the end of the season. But it isn’t just “Johnny Football” alone, the entire country is eager to watch the Aggies take the SEC by storm.

Obviously the “Johnny Football” craze is what is leading the charge since he is the one who is front and center in the Aggies climb to relevance. There are a lot of coaches around Texas and surrounding areas who are putting their heads in their hands, wondering why they didn’t recruit him harder, or agree to bring him in as a quarterback.

Johnny Manziel is only in his freshman year and has taken the college football world by storm. He will obviously improve the next two years and be even better than he is now. Which is a very scary thought for teams in the SEC, and on the Aggies schedule the next two or three years.  Can Johnny Manziel win the Heisman this season? It is a possibility, but very unlikely. It is safe to say he will be called “Johnny Heisman” before he leaves College Station.


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Robert Griffin wins Heisman

Saturday Night was a special night in College Football. It was the night the nation’s best player is supposed to be honored and be given the Heisman Trophy. But for the last few years, the trophy has been given to the most popular player in the country and not the best. This year however, the voters finally got it right.

Baylor’s Robert Griffin III was the recipient of this historic and mythical trophy. He will now be part of this fraternity that has only been around for 77 years. Unless you have been living under a rock this season, then you know of “RG3” and the amazing feats he accomplished on the football field. He carried Baylor on his shoulders and they won games they normally wouldn’t have a chance of winning. This started with the first game against TCU, and lasted to the last game of the season against Texas.

Griffin became the most talked about football player throughout the season. At about the half way point in the year it became clear he was the best football player and he shot to the top of the picks to win the Heisman. In a way, it was his to lose all along. But he only continued to impress and earn his honors.

“RG3” isn’t just a stellar football player; he is a great kid off the field. He earned his undergraduate degree at Baylor in three years. He was an All American Hurdler on the track team before he ever played his first football game. He was the youngest quarterback to ever start a college football game his freshman season. He is a good kid with a strong sense of family and moral obligations to his school, society and his team.

The Heisman trust can finally feel great about its selection; because this guy didn’t cheat and he didn’t win it because he was the popular and the most talked about player in the country. He earned this trophy on the field of play, and he will bring honor and dignity to the award.

Now I know there are a lot of teams in College Football and especially in the Big XII hoping “RG3” and his superman socks will declare for the NFL draft. However, there are a lot of College football fans out there hoping to see him one more year. Count me as one of them.

Enjoy this award Robert, you earned it. Don’t rush to a decision; the NFL will be there the next year also.

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Kody’s Sports Korner Heisman List; Week 11

Wow! Can I just say what a weekend! We had some exciting and big time upsets over the weekend. With everything that went down, it made it tough to adjust the Heisman top 5 this week. But we have a new comer in the list this week, with another stellar showing by Brandon Weeden. Also, we saw something new on twitter thanks to Stanford loss, we saw a “Suck with Luck” instead of the NFL’s “Suck for Luck”. As funny as it is, I think Andrew Luck will turn it around and get back to the front runner real soon. But at this time, I think Case Keenum is the best player in country right now.


Top 5:

  1. Case Keenum
  2. Andrew Luck
  3. Kellen Moore
  4. Trent Richardson
  5. Brandon Weeden
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Kody’s Sports Korner Heisman List; Week 10

This weekend went pretty much as expected; every candidate in the top 5 did what they were supposed to do. While there were some impressive performances from players who were outside the top 5, I chose to just adjust this week’s list within the top 5 itself. It is pretty much Andrew Luck’s to lose at this point; he is showing every week why he is the most sought after player in College Football. But Case Keenum broke another record and is hot on his heels; Case can over take Andrew if there is one hiccup before the end of the season. Obviously my list doesn’t hold any weight on a big picture scale, but this would be how I would vote if I had a say.

  1. Andrew Luck
  2. Case Keenum
  3. Trent Richardson
  4. Russell Wilson
  5. Kellen Moore
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