Tim Tebow: Overrated Football Player, But Great Christian

For those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time, you already know my opinion of Tim Tebow. I don’t have anything against the guy personally, and I will even admit he was a great college player. But the media’s fascination with talking about him endlessly when he has accomplished nothing but winning a few games in the NFL bothers me. He is a mediocre quarterbck(at best) but gets treated like he is a hall of famer.

Until he can actually prove himself on the field, he shouldn’t get more than five minutes of air time. I would dare say he is walking a Tony Romo-esque line, being all hype and little substance to this point of his career. Maybe he will prove me wrong, but I have to see something big to admit I was wrong. Yes, I do know he has won some impressive come from behind games, but he wasn’t overly impressive at any point.

The one thing I will give Tebow props for is the fact that he has been very open with his life style and belief in God. Unlike most players, he has done it since his first days at Florida and hasn’t ever gotten in trouble. He is genuinely a good person, and touts the Lord every chance he gets. For this fact, I will give Tim Tebow all the respect he deserves off the field. However he has to earn praise on the field, and I don’t see his talent being good enough to do that.

Tim deserves every bit of praise for being a stand up person as well as a quality role model for young people. But he shouldn’t be brought up in the media for his mediocre play on the field. Can ESPN end their fascination with him and only bring his name up if they are doing a story about his latest mission trip? Tim Tebow is a great person for our youth to look up to, but on the field he is just another below average quarterback. The NFL is full of them.

Sports Brain Seepage Vol. 4

 Dodgers File for Chapter 11:
Earlier this week we heard the report that one of the most historical and revered franchises in Major League Baseball had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court. While the soap opera of the McCourt’s divorce and the team has been an ongoing story since before spring training, now it seems that there are more problems. There have been stories of Major League Baseball trying to muscle it’s way in and take over the team, but it seems that Frank McCourt has found ways to prevent that from happening at this point. While filing for Chapter 11 may be his next ploy to keep the team for now, in the end, the league will get control of the team and have it sold off to a proper owner that can keep the team out of the negative headlines. This just shows that even a historic franchise such as the Dodgers aren’t immune to problems that plague everyone else.

NASCAR Announces Hall of Fame:
NASCAR recently announced it’s Hall of Fame class for 2012, while the whole Hall of Fame deal is brand new for the sport, and there is a list 10 miles long of worthy inductees, I think this was a very solid group of inductees into the Hall. Your 2012 class is Cale Yarbrough, Daryl Waltrip, Dale Inman, Richie Evans, and Glen Wood. While some names are huge with the sport, and well known even today with the young fans, there are a couple names which are somewhat hidden and unknown. But like I previously said, there is a list so long that it will take years to get all of the guys who deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to this years class, it will be interesting to see who the next guys are next year.

South Carolina Wins College World Series for 2nd straight year:
Even Though they have moved into a new ballpark and it is another year, things this year ended the same way as last year. With a pile of Gamecocks on the pitchers mound. Yes, South Carolina is the first back to back champion in the College World Series since 06-07, and it is the 16th time overall a team has repeated. They won the championship last night in undramatic fashion when they defeated the Gators 5-3. Congratulations South Carolina, you deserve it. Now, how much longer till football season?

College Football Season in Review

Now that we have crowned a national champion, and I have had time to digest what the last few months have held. I decided to do a season in review and hit on some points that were big stories throughout the season. I am sure I am not the only person who is mourning the end of the season, but can start counting down until the next kickoff.

Auburn: The hidden Champion
At the beginning of the season, nobody in their right mind had Auburn picked to win the championship. They were ranked 22nd andwere picked to be a mid-pack team in the SEC. But as with any season, things tend to happen to change perception. Cam Newton became one of the most electric players to watch, not to mention the fact that he was making plays nobody could fathom. As for Gene Chizik, nobody ever thought he was the right coach for the job, but he turned what was a good team, into a great team and put them up on the mountain top. This just proves that if you have some luck, and some really good players, a team can climb from the bottom of the top 25 to champion.

Down Years: Texas and Florida fall off the wagon
There are seasons where you expect teams to fall off and have trouble. For both Texas and Florida, this wasn’t going to be that season. Maybe it was the experts were putting more into the teams than what they really were, or maybe it was the past 10 years set up for high expectations for both. Either way, the seasons of both teams were very down compared to where everyone thought they would be. Florida had a decent season and was able to attend a bowl game. Texas on the other hand just imploded and lost games to teams that they should never lose to. There has been turnovers on both campuses as for coaching staffs. So, hopefully fans of these two programs can get back to where they belong next season.

TCU: The not so little sister of the Poor
At the beginning of the season, everyone expected Boise State to be the team to break through the barrier and play in a BCS bowl. But thanks to an upset in Reno, that opened the door for the TCU Horned Frogs. Who completed a perfect season with a Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin. This is a huge step for the program and could catapult them into the national conscience every season from now on.

As the season has now ended, these were the biggest stories I focused on during the season. Sure, there was the NCAA making headlines every other week, and always investigating someone. But I tried to be positive. Only 200 plus days until the next kickoff.

Kody’s Sports Korner Bowl Preview; Part 3

If you  have missed the first two bowl previews I did, check out part 1 here and part 2 here

TicketCity Bowl:
Northwestern vs Texas Tech –
Sadly this New Year will begin with this lackluster bowl. In the inaugural Ticket City Bowl in Dallas, there will be a first time meeting between the Northwestern Wildcats and Texas Tech Red Raiders. While Northwestern is looking for it’s first bowl win since 1949, Texas Tech has some concerns if it’s coach will be around for next year. But all of that aside, there are a lot questions on how will Northwestern handle the pass heavy attack of the Red Raiders. Sadly to say, Northwestern will not get it’s first bowl win here. They will be lucky to stay within 21 points of the Red Raiders.
Prediction: Texas Tech 52 – Northwestern 21

Outback Bowl:
Florida vs Penn St
When this match up was announced, you figured there would be retirement talks from one coach. But the coach who is going to step down isn’t the 84 year old Joe Paterno, but the 46 year old Urban Meyer. While this is a shock to most, it isn’t that big of a shock after last years flip flop. The big question about this game will be whether or not Penn State can contain a good Florida team. After their struggles with an Alabama squad earlier in the year, I don’t see this one being pretty for the Nittany Lions.
Prediction: Florida 35 – Penn State 14

Capital One Bowl:
Alabama vs Michigan St
While most everybody will be expecting Alabama to roll in this game, I expect to see Michigan St give Alabama a run for their money and pull off a upset. Michigan State has been an underrated team all year and is probably the best team coming out of the Big Ten this season. Expect an exciting game, one that should give the Big Ten it’s few bowl wins this season.
Prediction: Michigan State 28 – Alabama 21

Gator Bowl:
Mississippi St vs Michigan
This is a very ho hum match up, there are a lot of better game to watch and I am sure Michigan won’t show up so they can assure to get rid of Rich Rod. That being said, Dan Mullen will have Mississippi State ready to play. Expect this one to be a blow out.
Prediction: Mississippi State 35 – Michigan 17

GoDaddy.com Bowl:
Middle Tennessee vs Miami(OH)
For a match up of two teams that nobody cares about outside of their respective cities. This could be a good game to watch for college football enthusiasts. Miami is going to be playing with a lot of momentum from their surprise win at the MAC championship. Meanwhile Middle Tennessee is trying to get one more win and finish with a winning record. Should be a good game and expect it to be a close one.
Prediction: Miami (OH) 24 – Middle Tennessee 21

Cotton Bowl:
LSU vs Texas A&M
In one of the more exciting bowl match ups, this game should be a lot of fun to watch. But don’t expect to see any surprises here as LSU should be able to find a way to win this game and put another notch in the belt for the SEC. Only question will be if Les Miles will have some Tiger Stadium grass available at this game.
Prediction: LSU 35 – Texas A&M 28

Compass Bowl:
Pittsburgh vs Kentucky
While everyone has Pitt as their favorite and expects them to win this game, Kentucky has been able to hang tough when least expected to. This could be a spring board into next season for the Wildcats and look for a very exciting game between these two teams.
Prediction: Kentucky 28 – Pitt 21

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl:
Nevada vs Boston College
Expect Nevada to play with a lot of pride and be able to move the ball at will on Boston College. This is not going to be a pretty game for the Eagles, but it could be a very close game throughout if Boston College can contain the Pistol.
Prediction: Nevada 42 – Boston College 21

That is the last of the bowl previews for the lesser bowl games. Check back soon for the BCS Preview.

Breaking News: Urban Meyer to step down as Coach of Florida

It has just been confirmed on Gatorzone.com that head coach Urban Meyer will step down from the school. This is kind of shocking news, but after watching how there was some lack emotion this season from Meyer, not really a huge suprise. It is suprising that he did this now and didn’t mention it sooner.  For those of you who remember the fiasco from last year, you have to wonder if this will be a back and forth like last year. But from stories that have been publlished, he has lost a lot of that fire and competitive drive that made him so firey during his national championship runs.

While it is unlikley that he will be back coaching for at least the next year or so, you really have to wonder if he is thinking about making the move to Denver and re unite with Tim Tebow. Right now any and all rumors are viable, because nobody really knows where he is going, or if this his way of taking some time away from the game. We will just have to wait and see what news will eventually break over the next few weeks,months and possibly a year. Until then, who is on the top of Florida’s wish list?