Can Kansas State stay undefeated?

The Kansas State Wildcats have proven to be one of the best teams in the Big XII conference but in that span, they have shown to be one of the best teams in the nation after Alabama’s upset, rising to a #1 ranking. This has caused all of the national “experts” to jump out and declare that K-State won’t be able to stay in the National title hunt because… (Insert absurd reason here).

Everybody wants to scream and holler about who is, or isn’t the best team in country and why they think their choice is the best. Kansas State has done what has been asked of them all season, beat the opponents scheduled ahead of them, and do it with an exciting quarterback in Collin Klein. With two games left on the schedule, it looks like finishing up undefeated is a strong possibility.

With games remaining against Baylor and Texas, the final hurdles won’t be easy because both teams could prove to be tougher than they look on paper. Any overlooking by the Wildcats could end up costing them big, in terms of a BCS bowl and or possibly a chance to play for the National Championship. But once again, some “talking heads” on ESPN will tell you that the wildcats will get passed by an undefeated Oregon and possibly an undefeated Notre Dame.

The only think K-State can control is if they win or lose the next two games, and they do hold their destiny in their hands. This is a very experienced team, with a great leader in Klein and a veteran coach who has been around the block many times over. If the Wildcats take care of business, they could be sitting pretty in the BCS standings.

Kansas State is still an underdog team to make it to the National Championship in everyone’s eyes, but they would be a great story if they make it.


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ESPN is the evil behind the LHN

Ever since the Longhorns announced their deal with ESPN, to be the provider of the longhorn network, there has been a constant moan from fans across the country. But what most people won’t admit that if ESPN had offered their school $300 million, they would have taken it too. The money isn’t the issue with the network though; it is what ESPN has tried to push for behind the scenes. Yes, ESPN is the evil behind the LHN.

When Texas started the idea of a school network, it was purely innocent in the fact it was a way for fans to watch programming from the school. It was going to be an outlet to show games and events not picked up by the networks. Plus sprinkle in some coach’s shows and other various programming to make it enticing to fans. This was as innocent as it all sounds, but then ESPN decided to come into the picture and everything changed.

Once Texas took the $300 million from ESPN, the rules started changing on the fly. It started out that Texas was going to show non-revenue sports, plus other programming, and maybe show a football game that would otherwise be a pay per-view game and same thing with basketball. But once ESPN got some control, the world wide leader wanted to incorporate high school games, and conference games onto the network. It is understandable that ESPN wants the biggest bang for their buck, but that wasn’t in the original deal.

Now, I am not saying Texas is innocent by any stretch; they took the “blood money” from ESPN to get the network deal done. But while everyone wants to make Texas the evil one here, it should be known that ESPN is the villain and Texas just had to submit to the network. It should only be seen that the network is the one who has pushed for all the extra items that have since been responsible for some of the chaos that has gone on for the last year. Texas took the money, but ESPN has taken advantage of the fact that they can control what happens with, and what is aired on the Longhorn Network.

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Thoughts on the new Longhorn Network

First off, let me start by saying that I am a Longhorn fan, so if you want to take my thoughts and discount them for being biased, then go ahead. But As we are nearing the launch of the new network, I am growing more and more tired of all the whining and complaining about the fact Texas created it’s own television network(looking at you Aggie’s). Every time there is a little more news about programing released, you can hear the wails out of College Station. But it isn’t only the Aggie fan base that has had a lot of say about it, there are shots being fired from the Oklahoma fan base as well, but those tend to be more about moving out of the Big XII and not so much firing shots at the network itself.

While it is a rare move to see a team within a conference start their own network, it is a move that will probably lead to Texas going independent. The reason I think this is because the Big XII is relatively weak once you get past Texas, A&M and Oklahoma. There was a time when there was a push to create a Big XII network, but the conference didn’t make the push and Texas decided to find another good revenue stream by bringing out the Longhorn Network. Everyone wants to claim that this will be a recruiting tool and it will give Texas an unfair advantage over talent. While there may be some thought to this and it could help, it won’t be anymore of an advantage than having your games televised in prime time on a national broadcast multiple times in a year.

All the people who want to make excuses as to how this will give Texas an advantage here or there are just worried about the fact that they can’t compete with the Longhorns on the field of play. The Longhorns are setting themselves up to succeed when the Big XII finally falls by the way side. I firmly believe this will be a when, not IF scenario. Yes, the Longhorn Network will show some high school games(as long as the NCAA allows), and some of the kids in the game may be Longhorn commits. But it isn’t like they are going to show only Longhorn commitments, there will be players who are committed to Oklahoma, A&M and even schools outside of the Big XII. But the Aggies want to complain that a High school game shown on the Longhorn network will equate into more recruits for Texas. I don’t see the correlation, especially since you can see some High School games on the local Fox Sports channel, but because it isn’t tied in with Texas, nobody has issue with it.

In the end, the network was a smart move for Texas, and if it succeeds over the next few years, then the Longhorns have enough in their aresenal to move to independent status. That is the main reason the school created the TV network, Texas is moving towards going independent, because they understand the Big XII is on borrowed time and there isn’t another quality conference fit for the Longhorns right now. But the High School games look to be a moot point now, because it has just started to be reported that the Longhorn network for now will not be allowed to show High School games.

My thoughts on Women doing Play by Play

Earlier today I was listing to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and they had a debate about ESPN using Dorris Burke as a play by play person for the recent Mavericks and Blazers playoff game. This led to a ton of phone calls and texts on the topic, which got me to thinking about this issue at hand. While I am open to the idea of a woman doing the games and even open to the idea of them calling the game in a play by play fashion. While open to it, I don’t like it, it doesn’t sound right and it throws off the enjoyment of the actual sporting event at hand.

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and all you ever heard were old players and former coaches in the booth with the networks top play by play guy. Then they started to have sideline reporters which were also men, most former players. That was very cool to me because you could get an insight on the game and get a better understanding. While there are some great women sideline reporters who add a lot to the game, in it’s infancy that wasn’t the case, when women were first sideline reporters, it was just some eye candy to keep guys from making a beverage run during a break in the action.

Now a days you have sideline reporters like Erin Andrews who are the best in the business, but she does the work to add to the broadcast. But over the last year or so, ESPN has been rolling out Dorris Burke as a play by play person for college football, college basketball and now the NBA playoffs. Every time I tune into a game it just throws me off hearing her speak, I’m not saying she isn’t good at what she does, but it is a shell shock to hear a woman calling a Men’s sport. If she was calling a WNBA or Women’s college basketball game then it would work because it would fit the style of the game.

I am all for Women being part of sports, that is not at the issue here. But when I sit down to watch a football game, or the occasional basketball game, I would just prefer it to be a great play by play guy with a former coach or player doing the commentary. If you want to call me sexist on that, then so be it. But I bet most of you probably would agree with me, even if you don’t say it out loud.

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The Brady Six: Tom Brady Cries

I have been seeing commercials and snip-its for an ESPN special about the “Tom Brady Six”. This is one of their year of the quarterback specials they ESPN has been running throughout the year. But in this one, they have a candid interview with Tom Brady and his family about how he was hurt and distraught about not being selected before the 6th round. This is the same old song and dance that Brady loves to sneak into every interview he can.

You would really think that the success the guy has had would let him get over it. In fact, he should be happy he was even selected at all, he was an average quarterback at best during his time at Michigan. The fact that he broke down in the interview and started to cry was very shocking, yet comical at best. This guy has had more success and fame during his career than anyone thought ever possible. He has won multiple Super Bowls, married a super model, and is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the game today.

But he still goes on to TV and starts to cry like a little baby about the one bad thing that happened. Tom needs to shut up and grow a pair, look at your life man! you are living the dream. It is just beyond me that he hasn’t gotten over any of this “hurt” that he supposedly harbors from his draft day slight, yet he is the last one standing from the quarterbacks in that class. Where are Tee Martin, Geno Carmoza, and Chris Redman today? Not in the NFL, that’s for sure.

That clip of Brady starting to cry like a little baby has made me lose what little respect I really ever had for him. I guess he has been taking Giselle’s estrogen pills instead of those multivitamins, because he is starting to act more like a woman than she does. Tom Brady needs to just look at his life and be happy, maybe go polish a Super Bowl ring or two and quit whining about somthing that is aincent history today. The fact that he still holds it in such contempt is just the reason I have disliked him from day one.

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