Dallas Mavericks Acquire Rondo

RondoThursday Night the Dallas Mavericks finalized a trade where they will acquire Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics, in a surprising move which seemed to come out of nowhere and built steam throughout the day. While getting the talent of a Rondo will be a benefit to the team, there will also be some loss with having to trade-off Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder, Jameer Nelson, a first round pick in 2015, second round pick in 2016, and a 12.9 million trade exception. In this case, the positive outweighs the negative for his talent. Continue reading

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Dirk Nowitzki passes Oscar Robinson

Dirk NowitzkiDirk Nowitzki is a fan favorite in Dallas, but he really doesn’t get a whole lot of respect nationally because he plays a more European style in the NBA. But Tuesday night in Utah, he passed Oscar Robinson on the All-Time scoring list and is now one of the top 10. Will this grab more respect for Dirk? Probably not, it will take a lot more for most NBA fans to really give Dirk his due.  Continue reading

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What do the Mavs do now?

As free agency has gotten into full swing, it has become apparent that the Mavericks are going to come up on the short end of the stick this year. Deron Williams has chosen to stay put into New Jersey, and other free agents that the Mavs were looking at have all recently signed with other teams. Which begs the question, what do they do now?

There isn’t really a “big fish” for the Mavs to land in free agency to excite the fan base. And it has become apparent that Mark Cuban is more interested in dismantling the Championship team and filming his show “Shark Tank”. The fans were already on high alert after the Williams tweeted that he was staying in Brooklyn, then couple the fact that Nash and Dragic both have completed deals to sign with other teams.

In some ways it almost seems like the front office is doing a complete tear down, but doing it so slow and painfully that the fans are still clinging to hope of another championship run. In one way, it seems that the Mavs are admitting that the window is closing on them for another Championship, but they will come out and say they will put “key pieces” around Dirk to make another run. Didn’t the main 3 pieces that you want just get deals done to go play elsewhere?

This has to be very troubling to Dirk, because he isn’t getting any younger. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him stand up and demand he be sent elsewhere. If the Mavs are tearing it down to start over, then they should go ahead and put Dirk up for trade and try to get something in return for him. Either way…the team needs to decide what it is doing. Are you rebuilding or patching it together for another run.

Until the front office can commit to one course of action, fans will be stuck asking what are the Mavs going to do now.

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Players to Cuban; we want Rings

 On Sunday night after the Dallas Mavericks had clinched their first Championship in franchise history and the party moved from the stage on the court to the locker room. Mark Cuban was doing some of his media due diligence and happened to make a comment that perked a lot of ears around the country. He said that he “wants to change the game and do something besides championship rings”.  Now this has made a lot of “traditionalists” bark back about how ludicrous this thought is. But until yesterday no players had refuted the idea at all.

Then in their final exit interviews with the media yesterday, both Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry came out and said that they want rings. Dirk went as far to say “I don’t want a bracelet, I’m a man”. Now Mark Cuban has a tough decision to make here, your two biggest players on the team are wanting rings but you have already said you want to do something different. Where does the correct decision lie?

Cuban should probably do rings for all the players and coaching staff, and then if he wants to give the executives, training staff and everyone else in the organization something else, then that would be fine. I am sure the guy who cleans the locker rooms and does the teams laundry doesn’t care about some big gaudy ring. Mark needs to do the right thing here and give the players what they deserve, and that is a ring.

Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions

The Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions, let that sink in for just a moment. This team was a team that everyone wanted to face in the playoffs, and everyone thought they would be an easy out. That is until Dirk Nowitzki showed up and proved that he is one of the best in the game.

The Mavericks became a franchise 31 years ago, and for the majority of those years, it has been a long road of pain and suffering. But last night those years of waiting and hoping all became a reality. Back in 2006 the Mavs thought they had it in their grasp, only to have it stolen from their hands.

This year you could feel the drive to finish the job. While players have come and gone, only Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry remained. There was a drive and a purpose with this team. Each game through the finals, you could just sense that they were going to find a way to win, but you feared the old luck at the same time.

While watching everyone celebrate and enjoy the fact that they just won a title, only thing missing was seeing Dirk out there, but he had to go have a private moment. Which is understandable after everything he has had to endure with this team. There can’t be anyone unhappy with the fact that Dirk finally got the ring he has deserved.

The moment that it really hit home that this was real was when I saw the original owner Don Carter and his trademark cowboy hat on stage to accept the trophy. That was a very classy move on the part of Cuban. While he isn’t always the most popular guy, he has found ways to do the right thing. Mark Cuban has always tried to better the Mavs, that no fan will ever bash him for being greedy.

There are some questions that will start to crop up as the celebration wears off, but those will be for another day. For now, Dirk, and Jason Kidd both got the ring that any basketball fan would say they deserved. This will be a championship that will be celebrated for a long time and I am sure that Cuban will find every way possible to include the fans at every turn.

In the end, there is a lot of emotion and joy in the fan base. And there was a lot of emotion and jubilation on the faces of the players and executives. But there is only one word that will send chills down the spine of everyone associated with the Mavericks. And that word is…