Is it time to Panic for the Cowboys?

Weeden CowboysWhen this season started, there was a lot of hope, a lot of expectations and even some boasting about having the best team top to bottom since the great teams of the 90’s. But the NFL is a fickle beast and can snatch anything good away from you in an instant.

The season began with a lot of promise, and boasting by the fan base as the Cowboys won a thriller on opening night, then proceeded to dismantle Philadelphia in week two. But if there is something to be said about the first two weeks, the Cowboys roster began to look more like a MASH unit, then a football team. Continue reading

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Cowboys control Destiny; eyeing playoffs

Cowboys DestinyThe Dallas Cowboys are facing a tough test on Sunday against the Colts on Sunday, but they have the biggest carrot of recent history in front of them. If they continue to win, and can stay ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles, they will win the NFC East and end a playoff drought. The Colts have already earned a playoff spot, and will most likely rest key guys to prevent injuries. This sets up well for the Cowboys since they are still playing for their post season lives. Continue reading

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Should the Cowboys trade Dez Bryant?

Now before you decide to jump my case and blast me for saying the Cowboys need to trade one of their best players, hear me out. I am not fully in favor of this idea, but looking at some teams who have picks above the Cowboys and knowing the needs of the team, there is something here that could make sense in the perfect scenario. Think of it this way, there are a few teams who have established quarterbacks, but don’t really have good receivers to help their quarterbacks out and what is one of the biggest things the Cowboys need? Defensive line help and offensive line help, now say one of these teams offers up their first round draft pick and maybe 2nd round draft pick to the Cowboys for Dez Bryant, would it be smart to trade him for a top defensive line prospect?
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Dez Bryant; Childish or fierce competitor?

On Sunday the cameras caught Dez Bryant in a very peculiar situation with the way he was acting on the sidelines. From afar, it looked like he was in melt down mode not once but twice and he was getting in the faces of the wrong people. This has also become talk radio fodder because of what he did.

Dez is one of the rare cases in which he has all the talent and could be a very deadly weapon for the Cowboys offense. But whether it is being young, or just immature, he tends to throw tantrums when he doesn’t feel like he is being targeted enough. Maybe he is still too young to know when to keep his mouth shut and when to let loose and try to fire the team up. It would benefit him to have a sit down with Michael Irvin about that difference.

Sunday’s instances looked more like a tantrum and could potentially be a bigger issue than most fans realize. The Cowboys brass needs to quit making excuses and try to reel him in before he turns into the type of player to tears a team apart and ruins a locker room.

You can see Dez has all of the talent, and could be one of the best receivers in the league for years to come. But with guys like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss before him, he needs to reel in his emotions and just go to work. Because both of those guys had the ability to do great things unfortunately they are remembered for things other than their play on the field. This is the fate Dez is headed for if he doesn’t change the way he acts.

Dez Bryant can yell, hoot and holler about things in the locker room away from the cameras and could use that to be a “rah rah” guy who fires the team up. But every time he is seen throwing tantrums like he did on Sunday will only help feed the “childish” mentality the national media has of him. To change this perception, it is time for Dez to just shut up and play.

Dez Bryant, NFL Lockout and new rule changes

Over the weekend Dallas Cowboys receiver got thrown out of North park mall and has since been banned from visiting the mall for the next three months. This information comes out after three previous incidents at the same mall. The mall where Bryant got banned from visiting in Dallas is a very high end mall that has had some problems in the past with unruly customers. But has since taken drastic measures to clean up it’s image. This is the type of place where you would get dirty looks for walking in the door wearing Levi’s and a Hanes t-shirt. Supposedly Bryant and his entourage were seen walking around with their pants sagging, and asked to pull them up by security. Once asked, it was reported that Bryant went on a cursing tirade towards an off duty Dallas police officer, which has led to Bryant claiming it wasn’t him. Does this really surprise anyone? He had character issues in college and have continued the same act as a pro.

We are being bombarded on both sides by a war between the owners and the players. At the start of the lock out I was starting to side with the players and think maybe they have a point in their arguments. But as more and more players have shoved both their feet in their mouths, I am not even taking a side anymore. This is a petty little disagreement, that if they really wanted to come to an agreement, they could have done this long before this point. This is going to hurt the NFL in the long run, but the sport is so big and popular that it won’t take a hard hit, unless it lasts deep into the season. But I don’t see that happening, because when it comes to start getting paychecks, both sides will want to make an agreement.

 Also announced this week, it was announced that the NFL owners had voted to change a few rules that could have a profound affect on the way the game is played next season. The one that really perplexed me was the change on the kickoffs, They moved it from the 35, to the 30 yard line. If your going to do that, then you might as well just get rid of the kickoff completely. Most kickers will be able to get a touch back most of the time from the 30. This will endanger all of the “Return” specialists that teams have employed over the last few seasons. Also they are going to start reviewing every scoring play in the replay booth. This will be a good change, because there have been some close calls and questionable plays that never got reviewed over the last couple seasons. These two changes should make the next season interesting, but may remove some of the excitement from the game.