Tim Tebow: Overrated Football Player, But Great Christian

For those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time, you already know my opinion of Tim Tebow. I don’t have anything against the guy personally, and I will even admit he was a great college player. But the media’s fascination with talking about him endlessly when he has accomplished nothing but winning a few games in the NFL bothers me. He is a mediocre quarterbck(at best) but gets treated like he is a hall of famer.

Until he can actually prove himself on the field, he shouldn’t get more than five minutes of air time. I would dare say he is walking a Tony Romo-esque line, being all hype and little substance to this point of his career. Maybe he will prove me wrong, but I have to see something big to admit I was wrong. Yes, I do know he has won some impressive come from behind games, but he wasn’t overly impressive at any point.

The one thing I will give Tebow props for is the fact that he has been very open with his life style and belief in God. Unlike most players, he has done it since his first days at Florida and hasn’t ever gotten in trouble. He is genuinely a good person, and touts the Lord every chance he gets. For this fact, I will give Tim Tebow all the respect he deserves off the field. However he has to earn praise on the field, and I don’t see his talent being good enough to do that.

Tim deserves every bit of praise for being a stand up person as well as a quality role model for young people. But he shouldn’t be brought up in the media for his mediocre play on the field. Can ESPN end their fascination with him and only bring his name up if they are doing a story about his latest mission trip? Tim Tebow is a great person for our youth to look up to, but on the field he is just another below average quarterback. The NFL is full of them.

Breaking News: Urban Meyer to step down as Coach of Florida

It has just been confirmed on Gatorzone.com that head coach Urban Meyer will step down from the school. This is kind of shocking news, but after watching how there was some lack emotion this season from Meyer, not really a huge suprise. It is suprising that he did this now and didn’t mention it sooner.  For those of you who remember the fiasco from last year, you have to wonder if this will be a back and forth like last year. But from stories that have been publlished, he has lost a lot of that fire and competitive drive that made him so firey during his national championship runs.

While it is unlikley that he will be back coaching for at least the next year or so, you really have to wonder if he is thinking about making the move to Denver and re unite with Tim Tebow. Right now any and all rumors are viable, because nobody really knows where he is going, or if this his way of taking some time away from the game. We will just have to wait and see what news will eventually break over the next few weeks,months and possibly a year. Until then, who is on the top of Florida’s wish list?