Cowboys control Destiny; eyeing playoffs

Cowboys DestinyThe Dallas Cowboys are facing a tough test on Sunday against the Colts on Sunday, but they have the biggest carrot of recent history in front of them. If they continue to win, and can stay ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles, they will win the NFC East and end a playoff drought. The Colts have already earned a playoff spot, and will most likely rest key guys to prevent injuries. This sets up well for the Cowboys since they are still playing for their post season lives. Continue reading

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Grading the Cowboys Draft

Now that the NFL Draft has come and gone, I decided it was time to look at the Dallas Cowboys draft picks and figure out if this was a success or abject failure for the team. First off, the Cowboys had a lot of needs, but with their first pick there were some of the “sexy” picks that Jerry Jones is known to go after. But to Jerry’s credit, he went with a solid need and continued that throughout the draft.


1 9(9) T. Smith OT USC
2 8(40) B. Carter North Carolina
3 7(71) D. Murray RB Oklahoma
4 13(110) D. Arkin OG Missouri State
5 12(143) J. Thomas Buffalo
6 11(176) D. Harris WR East Carolina
7 17(220) S. Chapas FB Georgia
7 49(252) B. Nagy Wisconsin
The sexiest pick he made was probably Demarco Murray in the 3rd round. While it was surprising to see someone with that much talent fall into the 3rd round, he has had a history of injuries. The thing about him is that if he can be healthy and become a consistent threat, then he will be worth his weight in gold for the Cowboys. The key will be for these players to develop into quality guys and fill the needs that are so blatantly staring the team in the face right now. Nobody will know what these guys can do until they can get into camp and prove their worth. But overall this team had a good draft from a fans perspective. Tyron Smith was a very big pick for the Cowboys because there is a big need on the O-line and he has the ability to become an Anchor for the offensive line. 
Final Grade: B
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