Jason Garrett not going anywhere

Jason GarrettJerry Jones came out during his time at the Combine and told a local beat reporter “He doesn’t see Jason Garrett going anywhere after this season”. Which should not be surprising to most fans because Garrett is the one hand picked coach Jerry wanted when he fired Wade Phillips. I think it is pretty common knowledge, Jerry wanted to hire Jason then, but went with a more experienced coach, so he didn’t get blasted by the fans and media for hiring a rookie head coach. Continue reading

Should the Cowboys keep Demarcus Ware?

Demarcus WareThere has been a lot of speculation this off season about what the Dallas Cowboys are going to do with defensive end Demarcus Ware. He is currently coming off a season where he spent some time with injuries and is valued to be around a $16 million salary cap hit this season. While he was signed to a deserving contract when he got it, it has shown the fact Jerry Jones tries to keep players by paying them when they are near the end of their use to the Cowboys. Continue reading

25 years of Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones AnniversaryFebruary 25th was a special day for the Dallas Cowboys franchise, because it was the 25th anniversary of the day Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys. Needless to say, there have been a lot of ups and downs in those 25 years, and the NFL has changed dramatically since Jones entered the league. A lot of the changes are in part due to Jerry and his drive to improve and succeed. When Jerry bought the Cowboys he paid $140 million and at the latest estimate, the franchise is worth around $2 Billion. Nice to see Jerry has got a nice profit on his hands… Continue reading

Should the Cowboys trade Dez Bryant?

Now before you decide to jump my case and blast me for saying the Cowboys need to trade one of their best players, hear me out. I am not fully in favor of this idea, but looking at some teams who have picks above the Cowboys and knowing the needs of the team, there is something here that could make sense in the perfect scenario. Think of it this way, there are a few teams who have established quarterbacks, but don’t really have good receivers to help their quarterbacks out and what is one of the biggest things the Cowboys need? Defensive line help and offensive line help, now say one of these teams offers up their first round draft pick and maybe 2nd round draft pick to the Cowboys for Dez Bryant, would it be smart to trade him for a top defensive line prospect?
Continue reading

Stephen Jones for GM; Why not?

The Dallas Cowboys have been stuck in mediocrity since their last Super Bowl in 1996, and no matter who you want to blame or try to point the finger at, there is always one constant in the equation. Jerry Jones is the ever present constant in the mediocrity of the Cowboys, he is a very prideful man who took over the team and became Owner and General Manager. In the beginning he made it work because he had a lot of “Football” people who ran the day to day operations while he was out “wooing” clients like Pepsi and Nike to sponsor the Cowboys. But since all of those “Football” people have left the franchise, this has become nothing more than his toy. Continue reading