The Big East; Heading West?

There is an expected announcement from the Big East that will help possibly save the conference from its looming demise. Rumor has it they are planning on adding 5 more members to replace the ones who have left and / or spurned the conference for opportunities elsewhere. While adding more teams and strengthening the conference is a good thing, some of the additions are questionable to say the least…

The addition of teams like Central Florida, Southern Methodist, and Houston make sense for the conference. This will also give them a solid presence in Florida and Texas, which are two of the biggest recruiting hot beds in the country. Then the big question…by adding in Boise State and San Diego State it makes one scratch their head and wonder why they would do this. These additions will make the Big East, the first coast to coast conference.

There is hope once the conference gets to 12 teams, they can go to divisions and help alleviate some of the travel concerns. The biggest question now is how will the Western schedules play out? What will the schedule be for these teams? It is obvious travel will be a logistical nightmare for San Diego State and Boise State. It will also be a nightmare for the Eastern teams with home and home schedules against these schools. However, these two teams signed up for it and will just have to deal with the problems they present. Hope they all thought through this as it sounds pretty dumb to me.

The conference will make arrangements to add these teams by 2013, but they are also rumored to try and attract Navy and Air Force by 2015 at the latest. This is just another shake up in the world of college football, but this expansion will make it hard if not impossible for fans of these schools to travel to away games, especially if it is across country on consecutive weeks.

But once again the schools and conferences show they don’t care about the fans. It’s all about making money and keeping themselves relevant in the BCS.

This entire upheaval of all the conferences has turned into a game of musical chairs for all the teams involved. I bet a lot of them will regret their decisions in the long run. We’ll see.

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Uniform Madness, a problem in college football

Over the last few years there has been an alarming trend in college football. Teams have gone crazy in the tricking up of their uniforms they wear each Saturday. The trend seemed to start with throw back uniforms that were worn one game a year. Then teams decided to go with an alternate uniform to wear once or twice a year. This was cool, and spiced up the game just a little bit. Then the University of Oregon decided to blow the doors off and make uniform selection harder than advanced calculus. While some of the things Oregon has worn over the last few years would make even a blind man scream in horror at the sight, now it seems other schools are starting to follow along and come up with more uniform combinations than Madonna has lovers. Three schools this off season have followed suit and joined the idiotic trend. Washington State, Arizona State and now Maryland are now in the club of multiple uniforms.

While Washington State has changed their uniforms up, they really didn’t change the look all too much. In terms of change I would give Washington State a thumbs up for the change, because they updated their look and didn’t radically change the look from what was a nice looking uniform.  Other than adding two new helments and making color combinations, it is relatively the same uniform that they have had as long as I can remember. One of the more drastic changes had to happen to one of my all time favorite uniforms. Arizona State decided to overhaul their uniforms completely this off season and do away with one of my favorite helmet logos of all time. Getting rid of Sparky on the helmet for a pitchfork was one of the biggest mistakes in my opinion. But much like Pac-12 foe Oregon, ASU decided to come up with multiple combinations that at a glance almost look endless as well as ridiculous. It is crazy to think that every school now wants to go and copy cap Oregon with uniforms that can only be called Hideous, but it seems like this is the new frontier in College Football.

 This week one of the more surprising teams to join the uniform idiocracy announced and debuted their new uniforms. Maryland had a big ordeal this week to show off their new uniforms and these things can only be the 2nd ugliest uniforms in all of college football behind Oregon. Once again I am all for updating your look and trying to have something that is catchy and eye grabbing to potential recruits. Needless to say these uniforms are the butt of jokes all across the Internet and even in college football circles. I have always liked the black and red of Maryland’s uniforms and the yellow outline has always added a little pop. But in no way is a Yellow uniform ever a good idea. I will say these are hideous and I think this is something Under Armour concocted to try and keep up with Nike. But there were better ways to keep up with them than unveil this travesty on uniforms. The only cool looking thing to come out of these uniform combinations is the white turtle shell helmet, that is one thing I think would be cool to see on the field. But the other things have been a major mistake. It is these kind of things that makes me thing College football as a whole will end up regretting this trend in the near future.

As I mentioned above, this is becoming a war of who can create the most extreme look between Nike and Under Armour. Nike has a major foothold on the sports with most teams going to wear their “Pro Combat” uniforms at least one time each of the last three seasons and there will be teams doing it again this year. A common team to do this has been Boise State and they will be wearing something special in their season opening game against Georgia. But in a surprise, Georgia went along with it and decided to join the fray. While I am sure it seems like a good idea on paper, taking a school like Georgia who has one of the classic all time uniforms and changing it even in the smallest way is going to back fire and create a fire storm. So Georgia is going to wear this in the Georgia dome agianst Boise St.

While these aren’t horrible, it is once again an assault on something that is classing and old school. The list has become to large to keep a count on teams who have participated in this idiocracy and attack on everything that is sacred when it comes to uniforms. Even two of the oldest and most storied schools are in the fray, Yes, Michigan and Notre Dame both are going to wear “throwback” uniforms in a night game in the big house. While these two uniforms are not horrible, and could actually pass as a cool gimmick, it is becoming old and annoying and I wish teams would just stick to what has worked for years.

Call me old school, call me behind the times, but I grew up where each team wore one jersey at home, and one jersey on the road. Usually each team had white, or team color pants and only one helmet that had the schools logo or something associated to the school on it. It is the way football uniforms are meant to be made and worn. Jerseys were not meant to have wings on them, and pants are not meant to have psychedelic stripes down the leg. Uniforms are meant to be simple and classic. Nike and Under Armour are ruining uniforms across the board by having a pissing match with each other over who could create the wildest look. Because so many teams have gone to this new fad in the sport, it is almost impossible to tell who is playing on the field. Maybe I am the minority here, but I don’t want to have to understand advanced calculus to be able to understand that Oregon and Maryland are playing. I miss the days when you could know before the graphic popped up on the screen. Maybe athletic directors will smarten up and squash this travesty on a sport that has so much history and allure that it doesn’t need to result to gimmicks to be popular.

Sports Brain Seepage Vol. 3

 It is that time again, there is a whole lot of things that have piled up within my mind and I am going to open the flood gates and let it spew. Here comes another issue of Sports Brain Seepage.

Turf Wars: Another team adds color to field:
There have been pictures that have been published from Central Arkansas has decided to join the list of teams with colored turf. But they decided to add a new twist to the whole color scheme, they decided to go with a purple and silver field. It is bad enough that we had E. Washington decide to follow in Boise States footsteps and make their field a very visually disturbing blood red. While Boise State did it as a stunt and it was cool for one school to do it, now it seems schools are lining up to copy Boise State and even try to out do what they did originally.

Step in Central Arkansas who has gone with the alternating colors on the football field. This is taking the whole colored field thing to a new, and very sickening level. I only hope that this is a publicity stunt to help recruiting for a short time, because I don’t think I could tolerate watching a football game on that purple and grey turf in person or on TV.

Richard Childress; NASCAR’s man of the year:
There is a report from the truck race on Saturday night that there was an incident between all around d-bag Kyle Busch and car owner Richard Childress. While the reports have been pretty consistent, it was reported that as Kyle was walking back to his hauler, Richard ran up and put him in a head lock and landed a couple of punches. While NASCAR frowns on this and kept Childress from being on pit road for yesterdays race, I think they should be applauding him and giving him the NASCAR man of the year award. A beat down on Kyle Busch has been far to long in the making. But Childress will probably get in some trouble with NASCAR and may be suspended from a few races and face a fine with probation. This isn’t a good punishment at all, considering how brash and unlikeable Kyle Busch has become, they should just let it go with no punishment. But then again, I am an old school fan who misses the days of guys throwing down right in front of the grandstands. Most will say it takes away from the sport, but it was that pure emotion and rowdy redneck ways that attracted more fans than the clean cut robots who are abundant in the sport now.

NFL Lockout; The waste of time continues:
Last week there were numerous reports of covert side meetings between reps from the players union and the owners right before they went before the appeals court on Friday. But nothing seems to have been resolved even through all of that and now we are stuck waiting for the appeals court to deliver a ruling. At this point we have gone into June, and the NFL has already announced contingency plans of an 8 game season if necessary. Well, my thought here is they feel it will be, because the wouldn’t announce it if they felt this would get resolved before time to report to training camp.

At this point of the whole ordeal, if I was commissioner, I would tell representatives from each side that we need to meet somewhere, lock the doors and refuse to leave the room until a deal can be reached. There is more at stake here than just what goes on between the players and owners, there are average people who depend on the weekly work that an NFL game brings, sure it is probably a 2nd job and they could survive without it, but some people can’t. Plus there is the fans side of this fiasco, fans don’t care if the owners take 1 billion off the top or if they take 9 billion off the top, and most fans think the players are over paid as it is. This could really endanger the NFL’s popularity if they carry over into the season, because hardcore fans will stay, but new or fans who are on the fence will start looking elsewhere for their entertainment, and those are the fans that the NFL has to try and target.

 Breaking: Marv Albert agrees to join CBS NFL Coverage:
Yes, that is the breaking news this afternoon that NBA play by play veteran is going to be doing some NFL games on CBS this fall, if thereis a season. This will be an interesting test of how he will do, because a lot of his catch phrases are only good on basketball. But this will set up something interesting, depending on games and locations, you could have Marv doing a game on CBS and his son Kenny doing a game on FOX. Should be interesting to see how he will do on Football, once again, if there is even a season.

Mountain West gives TCU the proverbial finger with Decision

It was announced yesterday that the Mountain West conference had decided to take away a scheduled home game from TCU and decided to give it to the incoming Boise State. While this had been speculated to be the decision that would be made, upon hearing that it is in fact the decision is very upsetting. TCU has been one of the benchmark programs in the Mountain West for the last 4 to 5 years.

Now the conference has decided to give TCU a kick in the rear and give them the finger because they are on the way out to the Big East.  It is being said the decision was made in the best interest of the conference, but the real truth is, they just wanted to stick it to TCU. In the end, TCU will be the winner because they are becoming a BCS eligible team starting in 2012. The Mountain West can take some ticket revenue away from the horned frogs, but in the end the Mountain West will just become a glorified WAC type conference.

Kody’s Sports Korner Bowl Preview; Part 1

Well, it is finally that time of year, where College football fanatics get to lay up on their couches for the next few weeks and inhale a football smorgasbord. So without anymore delay, here is Kody’s Sports Korner’s Bowl Preview.

New Mexico Bowl:
The first game on the slate is the New Mexico Bowl, which includes two former WAC foes and should be an interesting game. At the start of the season, BYU was thinking Mountain West title hopes and possibly being a BCS buster, but their season fell short of their expectations. Meanwhile, UTEP had another solid season and are playing in their 4th bowl game since 2000. This should be a good game at the start, but I expect to see BYU pull away in the end.
Prediction: BYU 42 – UTEP 21

uDrove Humanitarian Bowl:
N. Illinois vs Fresno St.
Maybe I am just a little crazy, but I really don’t see Boise, Idaho as a popular Bowl location. But both of these teams should be happy to be playing in a Bowl. Northern Illinois will have a chip on it’s shoulder coming off the heartbreaking loss in the MAC championship game. Not to mention, their coach has been plucked into the Minnesota job. Meanwhile, Fresno State is coming off a sub par season, but will look to win and end it’s season on a high note. This game is intriguing to me and I look to see it be very close and tight until the bitter end. But I think Northern Illinois has a little too much to play for.
Prediction: N. Illinois 35 – Fresno St 21

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl:
Ohio vs Troy

While this is not a game that jumps out on the schedule, this could be a very good game. Both of these teams match up very well, and Ohio is looking for it’s first bowl win. While Troy has had a suspect defense at times this year, I expect to see them ready to play in this game and be able to make stops at will against Ohio. I figure this will be a very tight game, but I am expecting Troy to squeak it out in the end.
Prediction: Troy 24 – Ohio 17

Beef  O’Brady’s St. Petersburg Bowl:
Louisville vs Southern Mississippi
This is a match up of two former Conference USA foes, which for the time, was dominated by Southern Miss. But this is a new day and there is a new coach at Louisville and I think this will be Louisville’s game to lose. Southern Miss is a good team, but I think Louisville is the better team even with the worse record. I expect Louisville to show up and be ready to play. They have a lot on the line to win their first bowl game under Charlie Strong.
Prediction: Louisville 35 – Southern Miss 21

Maaco Las Vegas Bowl:
Utah vs Boise St.
This has the potential to be one of the more exciting games in the early bowl game slate, but I really don’t think Utah will be able to compete with Boise State much past the 2nd quarter. Boise State is going to have a huge chip on it’s shoulder and will be looking to make up for the fact that it lost a chance at a BCS bowl. Utah is going to be playing with it’s back up quarterback in this game which will only add to the grief. Boise runs away with this game and proves to everyone that they may have deserved a shot at an at-large bid.
Prediction: Boise St. 42 – Utah 20

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl:
Navy vs San Diego State
This game will be an interesting match up, Navy is a heavy option team, and showed in their game with Army that they can do a pass game. But this looks more like San Diego State will win this one since they will have a huge home field advantage. Navy could pull the surprise if they can show a few new wrinkles in their offensive game plan. As long as Navy can contain SDSU offensively they should keep it close. But in the end, home field will be the difference.
Prediction: San Diego St 35 – Navy 32

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl:
Hawaii vs Tulsa
This should be a fun game to watch, if nothing for the fact that Hawaii can throw the ball around with the best of them. Also, have to mention that another home field bowl game for the warriors will add to the thought, that they will be favored to win this game. Tulsa is not a slack program by any stretch, but I just don’t see how they can keep up with hawaii’s passing attack, this one could get ugly early and stay that way.
Prediction: Hawaii 42 – Tulsa 20