Can Kansas State stay undefeated?

The Kansas State Wildcats have proven to be one of the best teams in the Big XII conference but in that span, they have shown to be one of the best teams in the nation after Alabama’s upset, rising to a #1 ranking. This has caused all of the national “experts” to jump out and declare that K-State won’t be able to stay in the National title hunt because… (Insert absurd reason here).

Everybody wants to scream and holler about who is, or isn’t the best team in country and why they think their choice is the best. Kansas State has done what has been asked of them all season, beat the opponents scheduled ahead of them, and do it with an exciting quarterback in Collin Klein. With two games left on the schedule, it looks like finishing up undefeated is a strong possibility.

With games remaining against Baylor and Texas, the final hurdles won’t be easy because both teams could prove to be tougher than they look on paper. Any overlooking by the Wildcats could end up costing them big, in terms of a BCS bowl and or possibly a chance to play for the National Championship. But once again, some “talking heads” on ESPN will tell you that the wildcats will get passed by an undefeated Oregon and possibly an undefeated Notre Dame.

The only think K-State can control is if they win or lose the next two games, and they do hold their destiny in their hands. This is a very experienced team, with a great leader in Klein and a veteran coach who has been around the block many times over. If the Wildcats take care of business, they could be sitting pretty in the BCS standings.

Kansas State is still an underdog team to make it to the National Championship in everyone’s eyes, but they would be a great story if they make it.


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Four team playoff; Good start for Change

On Monday afternoon there was an announcement that had every college football fan standing and cheering in their offices, cars and homes.  This has been a longtime coming for major College football and now the presidents have decided to adopt a 4 team playoff after decades of complaints from fans. Yes, they tried to create the BCS to have a “true” championship game but it backfired horribly and ended up leaving the BCS look like a bigger fraud than the original bowl system and voting practices.

While most fans are rejoicing about the fact there will be a playoff system starting in 2014. The pundits and college football writers are already starting the speculation of when, not if, but when the actual playoff will expand. Some are contemplating it will happen within the first three years and others think it won’t change until the contract period ends. At this point, why make it more of an issue? Enjoy the fact there will be a “true champion” in college football for the first time ever.

Everyone has their own opinions about this and all the “nuts and bolts” of how the playoff system should work. At this point, I am happy they finally agreed to take it this far. But I think everyone knows the first time there is a 5th team who is perceived to be a better candidate over the number 4 team, everyone will start speculating on increasing it 6,8,10,12 or even 16. Heck, people are already speculating it now, and we still have two years before it officially starts.

My personal thought is it will increase, probably not to the size of the NFL playoffs. But it will have more than four teams at some point down the road. For right now, I say we let the playoff start and see how it works before we spend more time complaining about what won’t work before we ever see it in action. Right now is a time to celebrate the change and take solace in the fact College Football is finally getting it right.

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College Football Rant

I want to apologize for the tardiness of this post. I meant to write it after the alleged National Championship game and have it ready to go a few days after the game had been played; but let’s face it…That was the most boring National Championship game ever…it was like reading the same book twice within a month. However we live in a bizarre world where the ending suddenly changed. Yes, I know I once wrote I was okay with the rematch…and I still would be…had LSU actually won.

Don’t get me wrong. LSU didn’t deserve to win that game with the way they played. However, I am left feeling empty and confused as a college football fan. We saw two teams play twice and win on each other’s turf. Are you kidding me BCS?!?!?!? Alabama doesn’t deserve to be a champion, and they didn’t deserve to be in the championship game! If this ending has to be the case then they should have them play a “rubber match” since each team one once. Alabama didn’t even win their division of the SEC. Come on….

Now, before you Alabama homers decide to jump my case, I will be the first to admit they did win the game fair and square. But let’s admit it, even to the most hardcore fan; Alabama didn’t deserve to even be there. They didn’t win their division and they didn’t win their conference. About the only thing they accomplished was beating the team that beat them earlier in the season. I’m sorry but this just makes me sick!

I love college football more than any sport that is played…I write about it to an obsessive point. I shut myself in for 6 months during the year just for college football. I always look forward to the march towards a National Championship and this year I just feel shorted. I enjoy the season, and yes I even enjoy the bowl games. But since the BCS came into existence, nearly every year I feel there were better teams than the ones who played for the mythical “National Championship”.

This year is not any different; in fact it is the worst one yet. There were some really good match ups in the bowl games and I even got to attend two of them. It was exciting seeing teams play who normally don’t get to play each other. But you know the system is severely broken when you have two face each other for a National Championship and they played in a conference earlier in the season. I promise this isn’t going to turn into a playoff rant…but it is just too hard not to lean that way after the anti-climactic ending to what was a stellar season.

Just as a side note, I also got to attend the FCS (Division 1-AA) championship game. They had a 24 team playoff that lasted for 4 weeks (not counting layoff between semi-finals and championship). Gee! What do you know! A playoff system that actually works and doesn’t leave fans hanging at the end of the season…ok, sorry rant over.

I am not trying to beat a dead horse here, but I am really disappointed the way this season ended. I hope the “powers that be” will realize how stupid and insignificant this championship really is. There needs to be major changes, otherwise they might as well just hand the National Championship trophy to the number one team at the end of the regular season. At least then it would produce a meaningful champion. If you will recall, LSU was the only unbeaten team at the end of the year.

It is a shame to see a great regular season flushed down the toilet by this stupid “BCS” rating system.

Hopefully “these powers that be” will realize you don’t need 35 bowl games. Many of the teams in these “nothing bowls” had six and six and some six and seven seasons. Duh? The interest level was made perfectly clear…all you had to do was look at the empty seats in the stadiums and then see what kind of TV ratings they drew. End of story.

Let’s go back to where bowl games mean something. Let’s get a playoff system of some kind to determine a real National Champion. This year was a farce.


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A Rematch? I am ok with that!

The worst possible scenario came to reality when the fraud of a system that is the BCS decided to match LSU and Alabama – again. The first game was exciting as it came down to the final play to decide the victor. While the first match up of these two schools was an exciting game you have to be a fan of defensive and low scoring football games, so this one ranked right up there with me.

Most of the country went into melt down mode yesterday when it was announced this was going to be the championship match up. I will admit I was disappointed to see this scenario come to reality, but I am ok with it, especially if this game is anything like the first match up. I know I am in the minority when it comes to this opinion as most fans want high scoring games with potent offenses. I would rather see a battle in the trenches with points being at a premium due to stellar defensive play.

It is this defensive game I am hoping the rematch will provide. I honestly think if Oklahoma State had been put into the championship against LSU, it would have just been sending the lamb to the slaughter.

So perk up America, we have a chance to have another very entertaining game and this time it will decide once and for all who our champion is. Maybe one of them will even score a touchdown.

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Government keeps it’s nose in Sports

For the last five or six years there has been one thing that seems to be a constant, our federal government has spent more time sticking it’s nose into sports and sports issues, than worrying about the bigger issues. This all started earlier in the 2000’s when the steroid scandal broke in Major League Baseball. They spent countless hours interviewing executives and players over the scandal. While it was a problem within the game, call my crazy but there was no need to have congress waste time and money going through all of those hearings.

On that same side note, we have Lance Armstrong being investigated for possible steroid use and now they are talking about having a grand jury convene and get involved, which will lead to more grand standing on Capitol Hill and more congressmen dancing in front of cameras and of course more wasted government time over a sports issue. I understand that the whole steroid issue trickles down into the average Americans homes because it is an issue in High School sports as well. But for someone who is an adult to have to answer to our government on something that only affects them just seems silly.

But the real topper that now has me frothing at the mouth and ready to write a letter to my congressman is that they are now wanting to delve into the BCS and non-playoff issue in college football. Are you kidding me? Every college football fan is begging for a playoff, but nobody wants to see our government go in and try to be the hero. They should be focusing on unemployment, national debt and countless other issues. But why would they focus on an important issue, when they can waste time and jack around with our beloved college football.

There is no reason that the federal government should be involved with the BCS, even if it is the most hated issue in college football today. But I would rather have a whole group of fans find a way to boycott the BCS and handle the issue ourselves than see it have to be dealt with by our elected officials. So please stay out of our sports, we as fans can handle the issue ourselves. If we get fed up with it, then we will stop attending games and pumping our hard earned money into sports.