Series Recap – Angels

Texas RangersThe Rangers are coming off a terrible end to a month which looked to be a good month for them. They are going into hostile territory against the Los Angeles Angels and will have to face some familiar foes in hopes to get back on the winning track. A good showing in this series can refocus the team and help them to stay close in the early division race. But facing an Angels team on the road is never an easy task. Continue reading

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Series Recap – Mariners

RangersThe Rangers just finished off a weekend series where they took two out of three from the Houston Astros, and they will now take on the second place Seattle Mariners. This four game series will be a good chance to gain some ground on the leaders in the division and tighten up the race in the West.  Continue reading

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Ron Washington gets extension through 2015

Ron Washington ExtensionThe Texas Rangers announced on Monday they had agreed to a contract extension through 2015 with manager Ron Washington. While most people believed Ron Washington was at risk of not being extended after this year, he has proven to be one of the most successful managers in Rangers history. He has taken the Rangers into the post season 3 times, twice to the World Series. While he may not be the most conventional manager, he has become loved by fans and players alike. Continue reading

Texas Rangers Preview

Texas RangersThe last time we saw the Texas Rangers, they were walking off the field after a lack luster performance against the Tampa Bay Rays in a “play in” game in late September. It was a crushing defeat for the team and fan base which had high hopes of returning to the World Series. But as they were thrust into an early off season, things started happening for the Rangers and moves were being made to try and shape this team for the 2014 season. While some moves were unpopular, there were some moves that look like it could help improve the team going forward into the season. But first, we will look at who the Rangers lost from last season.
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The season that left us wanting more

The Texas Rangers saw their season come to a very lackluster end last week, but it almost seemed anti-climactic to everyone. It really wasn’t that big of a surprise once it was all said and done, but nobody wanted to see the season end the way it did. The Rangers took control of the American League West in the early part of the season and stayed in the lead until the very last game of the season.

It was the final month of the season where the Rangers started to lose ground and control of the division. But it wasn’t until game 162 against the Oakland Athletics that they finally got knocked out of the driver’s seat. It was after the Oakland game when Rangers fans started to think there was a possibility of not making the playoffs all together. Technically they did make the playoffs, but were ousted in a one and done fashion.

There are a wide range of emotions for fans across the area right now, and one player has had a lot of the anger pointed in his direction. Josh Hamilton played the last three weeks of the season in very poor fashion and just acted like he didn’t care what happened. It was this attitude that turned fans against him and after the two losses, he was the main point of anger for Rangers fans. But one unexpected person to get some venom his way was Ron Washington, who basically did it all his way this year, and some feel to the determent of the club.

They say it is tough to go to back to back World Series, and it is almost unheard of to make it to three. Rangers’ fans felt throughout the season, it was going to be another long post season run for this group. But two very long seasons and shortened off seasons may have taken their toll as the Rangers started to look exhausted and just plain tired late in the season. Can the Rangers bounce back next season?

Yes, they can bounce back and make another run into the post season next year. The one question that will be answered before we get to spring training next year is what will this team look like next year? Josh Hamilton lost his fan favorite status, and probably won’t return to the Rangers. While it looks like most of the “core” guys will be here next year and there looks to be some great youthful talent on the rise also, some have to wonder what this team will look like going into next season.

This season left the fans wanting more, but at the same time, it showed fans to not take for granted the success of the last two seasons. Can the Rangers make it back? Yes, but it won’t be as easy to do it from here on out because everybody now knows how good the Rangers are. Hopefully the upper brass will make some smart moves this offseason and get the team back on track moving forward.

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