Stephen Jones for GM; Why not?

The Dallas Cowboys have been stuck in mediocrity since their last Super Bowl in 1996, and no matter who you want to blame or try to point the finger at, there is always one constant in the equation. Jerry Jones is the ever present constant in the mediocrity of the Cowboys, he is a very prideful man who took over the team and became Owner and General Manager. In the beginning he made it work because he had a lot of “Football” people who ran the day to day operations while he was out “wooing” clients like Pepsi and Nike to sponsor the Cowboys. But since all of those “Football” people have left the franchise, this has become nothing more than his toy. Continue reading

Is the Star tarnished?

Star TarnishedJerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys back in February of 1989 and started to build a team with an NFL rookie head coach. At the time, Jerry Jones had the title of Owner and General Manager, but the Head Coach Jimmy Johnson was making all of the personnel decisions. This led to the team going from 1-15 to Super Bowl champions in 4 years and ended up winning 3 Super Bowls in 4 years.

In 1993 Johnson had his fill of Jerry Jones and his claims that anyone could coach the Cowboys and win. So Jerry Jones decided to hire Barry Switzer in the wake of Johnson leaving/being fired. Switzer was sitting on his couch when the call came in and hadn’t done anything of record since his days at Oklahoma. Switzer took Johnson’s team and won a Super Bowl in 1995, which is the last time the Cowboys have been past the divisional round. Yes, Switzer did have some mild success even taking this team to the playoffs in 1996, but lost in the divisional round.

Switzer would be the longest tenured head coach since Johnson left and he only stuck around for four years. Ever since Switzer, the Cowboys would be stuck in Mediocrity with a few flashes of brilliance along the way. Most notably there was a great season under Wade Phillips, but that turned out to be a flash in the pan. It would take 16 years for the Cowboys to get a playoff win after the wild card win in 1996.

Through all of this time there has been one common factor. Jerry Jones refuses to give up any control, it seems like he has done more to take more control of the team since basically running Jimmy Johnson out of town. The only thing he has yet to do is move to the sidelines and become head coach. There was a bad sign of things to come when Jerry bought the Cowboys and he chose Al Davis to be his mentor and help guide him through his early years.  Al Davis turned the Raiders into a laughing stock and it looks like Jerry Jones is doing the same to the Cowboys.

The Cowboys were once a very proud and beloved franchise, and were often called “America’s team” because they had more fans in most stadiums than the home teams. Now the Cowboys are more of “America’s Joke”, and as long as Jones continues his reign of terror it won’t ever change. Which leads me back to my original point, is the Cowboys star tarnished? That answer seems to be a resounding yes.

Jerry Jones is in the process of doing to the Cowboys, what Al Davis did to the Raiders but Jerry seems healthy and his reign won’t end. At least the Raiders can now pick up the pieces and become a respectable franchise again. Cowboys’ fans will have to continue to suffer with Jerry Jones and his bad decisions for many more years and his continued tarnishing of the star.