Strong Era Begins with with a Win


The Texas Longhorns started the new “Strong Era” with a seemingly impressive win over North Texas on Saturday night. While fans seemed optimistic about the win, and the thoughts of the season going forward, I would tap the breaks on any thoughts this team will blow the doors off the Big 12.

There were a lot of things to be positive about at the end of the game. The defense finally looked good and showed a lot of poise when things weren’t always going great on the offensive side of the ball. But you also have to realize, North Texas is not an offensive juggernaut either. But this could be a confidence builder going into the rest of the season.

While the defense looked improved, there were some flashes of improvement from the offense, but David Ash took some hits and it has to worry you if he can stay healthy for the whole season. If he can stay healthy, then there is a good threat for the offense to put up some decent numbers.

The Big 12 as a whole is not going to be a juggernaut of a conference and with the exception of a few teams, it really could be just about anyone’s conference this year. I don’t think Texas will be in the top few teams, but you never know what can happen. This team showed signs of being good, but you also have to look at the opponent also.

While the Strong era begins with a win, I would caution the Longhorn faithful to not get too far ahead of yourselves here and be happy about the win, but don’t think this team can win the conference, or more just yet. It can happen with Coach Strong, just give him time.

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2 thoughts on “Strong Era Begins with with a Win

  1. I know it was N Texas, but was thrilled it gave them something to build on. Who knows? Maybe they will be better than we think.

  2. Love your article and agree with your reasoning. As a Longhorn fan, I am anxious for them to again be a contender for the National Championship but know it is not going to happen overnight.

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