Steroids and Sports

  The issue of steroids seems to have crept it’s way back into the concionce of sports with the latest news about Lance Armstrong and the report on 60 Minutes last night where Tyler Hamilton claims that he did in fact use steroids. While it seems like we can’t get away from the constant and never ending debate about steroids in sports and who is doing it and who isn’t. The one thing that has happened over time is my opinion of it all. I am a staunch pureist when it comes to my sports, I want it as clean and pure as possible, but after looking at things from different angles, even the pureist forms were tainted with cheating since the begining of sports.

As I read and research more an more, I have come to the realization that there isn’t a professional sport that we watch and enjoy that is truly clean of steroids. Which has saddened me to a degree, but it will never change so I have adapted my opinion of the way things should be done when it comes to steroids. Obviously they should never be allowed to be used in High School, or college sports for obvious reasons. But now that it seems like even the most unlikley people have and will use steroids in the pro leagues, then why not allow these grown men make that descision for themselves.

The Steroid makes and users will always be one or two steps ahead of the drug policies and testers. These guys get into the leagues they play by being the best of the best at what they do, and if they feel that the best way to do that is to try to use performance enhancing drugs, then so be it, they make that choice on their own. But the leagues should have a policy that if any player chooses to use steroids, then they forefit any paid healthcare from their union or the league due to problems later with steroid use. Also, leagues should open a new chapter in their record books and mark all steroid use records be recorded seperate of the long standing records that were done without the use of steroids.

Now, I know what your thinking, this is a horrible idea and no player would ever agree to it. But think about this, you let the players make the choice on what they want to do, but make it clear that they will forefit any future things that would pay for problems due to the use of the drugs. The league could even take it further that if a player uses and breaks down, the teams could forefit the contract of the player if he is unable to perform to a minimum standard if they choose to use steroids. Would the players agree to this upfront? probably not, but they don’t have to use steroids either. This would let the leagues and players controll steroids to a way that it is ok to use it, but you will forefit future things by choosing to potentially destroy your body in the long term for short term gains today.

This may not end the use of steroids, it may not even slow it down, but it may hinder a couple guys from doing it just because of the long term repercussions. Realisticly there is no way that any players union would ever agree to any of these terms and that is where we still have the issue of players sneaking around using it and cheating the system. Players are going to use steroids to get an advanatage, this was my solution to let them use it if they want too, but with the choice to use it, then they had to forefit somthing in return. I guess it is just wishful thinking to see somthing happen like this that could end all of the speculation and goverment probes.

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6 thoughts on “Steroids and Sports

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  2. Sad state of affairs…but what are you gonna do? Someone will always find a way to beat the system. Hope it’s not true about Lance…but I watched the 60 minutes show and it sure didn’t look good for him. The rewards are so great now I guess it is hard not to cheat if given the chance. They gotta do something…your idea is as good as any.

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