Stephen Jones for GM; Why not?

The Dallas Cowboys have been stuck in mediocrity since their last Super Bowl in 1996, and no matter who you want to blame or try to point the finger at, there is always one constant in the equation. Jerry Jones is the ever present constant in the mediocrity of the Cowboys, he is a very prideful man who took over the team and became Owner and General Manager. In the beginning he made it work because he had a lot of “Football” people who ran the day to day operations while he was out “wooing” clients like Pepsi and Nike to sponsor the Cowboys. But since all of those “Football” people have left the franchise, this has become nothing more than his toy.

Now I am not going to spend the whole time bashing Jerry, because he is a great owner, and a great ambassador to the brand of the Cowboys and the NFL. But while he could walk into an igloo and sell ice to an Eskimo, he seems to struggle when it comes to finding the next “franchise” player for the team on the field. But there is someone who very close to Jerry and has been rumored to work some of the best deals the Cowboys have made in recent years. Stephen Jones is pretty much Jerry’s right hand man, and is involved with everything Jerry does regarding the day to day football operations, he probably runs the show, but doesn’t get his credit he deserves.

Knowing all of this about Stephen and Jerry has made me wonder, why couldn’t Stephen become the official General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys? He has been respected and even sought after by other organizations for his knowledge. The immediate response would be, Jerry doesn’t want to lose any control of his team and still wants all the credit, but will deflect the blame to players and coaches. Jerry Jones has become more of a media and sports talk punching bag, and fans will start frothing at the mouth at the mere mention of his name. He is slowly becoming one of the least popular people in Dallas, whether he believes it or not.

They “Al Davis” method for running a franchise just doesn’t work, hopefully Jerry will realize that sooner than later. But here is where it becomes a win-win for Jerry and Cowboys fans. If Stephen Jones becomes the acting General Manager, then it will free up Jerry to do more on the business side, which is where he excels. But with Stephen as the GM, then Jerry will still have some sense of control, even if it isn’t really so. As the Owner Jerry will still get his “stamp” to approve or deny deals, but now fans won’t be wanting to string him up from a tree if he does something stupid.

Now Stephen is perceived to be a very smart guy and seemingly has been involved on some of the best deals the team has made recently. If he has full control to run the day to day football operations, then fans will have some hope at seeing the team make good moves and improve. But once again Jerry still has the ability to be involved more with Stephen than bringing in some outsider who will push Jerry out the door. Stephen probably will push Jerry out the door anyways, but it won’t cause a rift because I am sure working so close together, they make it work.

Stephen may not be as smart as he is perceived, but after so many years, doesn’t he deserve a chance? I mean what could it really hurt? The Cowboys can’t really get any worse with Stephen as the GM, but there is a whole lot of room for improvement and the bottom line for Jerry and Stephen should be getting the Cowboys back on top. Because when the Cowboys win, everybody wins. What do you say Jerry? Why not let Stephen become the new General Manager? Worst thing that could happen is the team stays status quo, or maybe it brings another Super Bowl to Dallas.

3 thoughts on “Stephen Jones for GM; Why not?

  1. Very well stated Kody. Wish this could happen…but it’s Jerry and his ego we are dealing with. Oh well…here comes another 8 & 8 or maybe worse. Maybe one day he will “wake up”.

  2. It frustrates me to see this team struggle. For the third year in a row, they’ve had 11-5/12-4 talent (10-6 at worst), but an 8-8 record. And there are several reasons why: defense blowing double-digit leads, offensive miscues, injuries, bad play calling, I could go on and on.

    While the players have shot themselves in the foot with on-the-field issues, coaching is still a big problem, and when you have an egomaniac owner/GM who enjoys publicity over wins, there’s an even bigger problem. I’d love to see Stephen at least get a shot at GM, but Jerry wants to be the only Jones synonymous with the Dallas Cowboys. And he has no problem with his team being the laughingstock as long as people keep filling up his stadium.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Jerry is an egomaniac and while it does make sense for Stephen to get a shot, Jerry won’t do it because his stadium keeps having 80,000+ every game.

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