Stars to retire Modano’s #9

The Dallas Stars recently announced they were going to retire the Mike Modano’s jersey in a ceremony during a March home game next season. Mike Modano is “The” face of Dallas hockey and it will be a very popular ticket because he is beloved by fans in the metroplex.

Mike Modano was just the “baby faced” kid who was a rising star when the team made their trek from Minnesota to Dallas. But it was very quick for the local fan base to wrap their arms around him and accept him as one of their own. Women loved him for his movie star good looks, and men loved him because he was not afraid to take a hit for the team.

Modano was the face of the stars in the 90’s and continues to be the one player most associated with the sport locally. He was one of the key pieces for the Stars successes in the late 90’s and helped bring the Stanley Cup to Dallas in 1999. He was as big a celebrity as there were locally, but he was never in the news aside from highlights and philanthropic items. He stayed out of trouble, and proved to be a good role model for kids in the area.

It was a sad day when he left to go play for Detroit, but he quickly returned back to Dallas to retire after 21 seasons in the NHL, and has now been given a special advisor role with the franchise as well as minority ownership in the Allen Americans, which is a minor league hockey franchise. It is only fitting the Stars will retire the famous number nine, because Modano was one of a kind.


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  1. Mike “is” the Dallas Stars and will be for years to come. Proud of the Stars for giving him his dues. The article was great and a wonderful subject. Good job Kody.

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