Stars success amid financial troubles

The Dallas Stars seem to be taking a page out of their MLB counterparts’ book. The Stars are in the midst of bankruptcy just like the Rangers were.  Every effort is being made to get the team sold to a new owner and hopefully this will occur soon.  And get this; they are in trouble with the NHL for not spending enough money!  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  However this very young team, with a very young first year coach is off to a really hot start. There is only one team with more points in the NHL.

How are the Stars pulling off such a hot start with an unproven team and coach?  First things first – they brought in a savvy GM in Joe Nieuwendyk.  He is well liked and respected by the organization and especially the team.  Then there is the new coach Glen Gulutzans’ approach and his methodology. Obviously the players have bought into his ideas and format.  It’s like a fresh face and a fresh start.  Hockey is fun again.  He is not some old crusty veteran coach who is stuck in his ways. Gulutzan is a coach from the Stars minor league team who has an opportunity to coach the “big team”, and coach them he is.  Even if the bulk of the players are still “fairly green”, they can play hockey.  Being he is a young coach, leading a group of players who are willing to learn and listen tends to have had a very positive effect on this group.  Maybe they are so young they don’t know they are not supposed to win.

Obviously it is going to be a long season, and this team caught “lightning in a bottle” from the start.  No telling what we may have here.   If they can just keep it consistent, this team will have a chance to make their mark on the last two years of DFW’s successful sports run. They are playing lights out hockey.   It is a shame this team is playing so well, but has yet to get the American Airlines Arena over half full.  Where are the fans?  They have a team here!  Fans should start taking notice; maybe the Stars will lead the charge through the winter months for sports fans since the NBA is in the midst of a lockout.

They have American Airlines arena all to themselves.  They are playing “rough and tumble” hockey, and need fan support.  The Rangers rebuilt and look at the result.  These guys can do it too.

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