Can the Stars recapture Dallas fans?

Stars Preparing for upcoming season

Stars Preparing for upcoming season

The NHL is finally going to get its season started and the Dallas Stars will give local sports fans something to watch, because the Cowboys aren’t playing anymore, and the Mavericks are still stuck in mediocrity. Sports fans are begging for something to watch, but can the Stars do enough to live up to the challenge?

The Stars had some momentum at the end of last season, and had some excitement building towards this season, and then the unfortunate lock occurred and has now soured a lot of the “fringe” fans, who would have given the Stars a chance this season. If the Stars can have a good start to their lockout shortened season, there is hope the fans will start paying more attention.

Dallas is not a hockey hotbed, so the fans are not going to jump on the bandwagon quickly until the team can prove some winning ways. But the last time the Stars were successful and won, the Dallas area caught hockey fever. Unfortunately since then there have been two lock outs and a lot of time trying to recapture the winning ways and fan excitement from the late 90’s.

The Stars need to pull out all the stops to attract fans to the American Airlines center; this is prime time for them to regain the fans that left after the last lock out. If the Stars can come out and win early and often, then Dallas will jump on the bandwagon and start supporting the local hockey team with fervor.

If they don’t come out and give the fans something to be excited about, then Hockey may lose more steam and struggle to draw the ”fringe” fans which will make or break the attendance numbers and overall excitement in the area. The Stars are a young team, with a young coach and new owner who will do anything to win at any cost.

This is the Stars best chance to capture the attention of local fans as they sprint through the shortened season and battle for a playoff spot.


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  1. Very well stated my man and right on the mark. I think sometimes these franchises in every sport think they are worth more than they are. It’s the fans who pay the bills. These guys are stupid to “lock out”…especially with a fringe sport like Hockey.

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