Stars quietly winning with little fan fare

The Dallas Stars have been a team of surprise this hockey season. They are leading their division by 5 points and are in 3rd place in the conference standings. But one of the biggest surprises about this success is the fact that every home game is barely half full. Usually a team that is doing that well, and making that much of a push at this point of the season would be catching peoples attention. But for the Stars this has not been the case this year. But why is that?

One of the biggest reasons could easily be the fact that the team made a tough decision last season to let the face of the franchise, Mike Modano leave. While this was hugely unpopular and has ruffled the feathers of some die hard fans. It has proven to be a good move, the youth movement is working out better than the brass even expected. But that alone wouldn’t have them playing to an empty arena at home. One of the other major reasons this has been happening is for the last couple seasons since the lockout, the Stars just haven’t been very good. Take into account that Dallas is a very fickle town and expects winners.

People in Dallas better start taking notice, because the Stars are in position to surprise some people and make a playoff run. Do they have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup? I don’t know if they are there yet, but they could surprise some teams and possibly end up in the Conference Finals. This would be a huge feat for a team who has struggled to finish with a winning record as of late. Keep your eye on this team, they are playing good right now, and could make some noise come playoff time.

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