St. John’s is catching fire

When Steve Lavin took over at St. John’s, it was under a question of could he lead a team and be a coach of substance, or did he ride the coat tails of top recruits. Well, in his first season at St. Johns, he is proving that he is a good coach and can turn a program around. For most people this was going to be a rebuilding season and probably be an NIT team at best. But with quality back to back wins over Duke and UConn, this team is starting to make the case for going dancing in March.

While this team is still relatively unknown and quiet, they are making sure people are learning their name. With 4 victories over ranked opponents and at least two more chances to knock off a ranked team on their upcoming schedule, this team could make a run and be a team to watch come tournament time. So, with a lot of basketball left to play and teams still jockeying for positions, keep an eye on the Red Storm, because they are heating up and could be red hot come march.

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  2. Well Kody you educated me. I did not even know they had a new coach. I know they are a basketball school and see them in the tournament, just don’t keep up with them. Thanks for the info and I will keep an eye on the “Red Storm”. We are close to march madness…I love it.

  3. …and to think it could have been Paul Hewitt instead of Steve Lavin taking over St. Johns last year.

    Georgia Tech would like to give Hewitt away if they could. The Red Storm got the better end of that deal.

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