Sports Brain Seepage Vol. 5

 Well, we are in the Summer doldrums as far as sports go, and it is just reaching a very boring time before we start to slide into football season. But even the glorious thought of football has a black cloud over it right now with the NFL lockout, and then we just got an NBA lockout to go on top of it. So some of these stories may be forced and I do apologize for that, there is very little to write about without any real NFL news and no real NBA news for the foreseeable future.

 Tiger Woods not playing British Open:
 Tiger Woods announced on his website that he has been advised not to play in the Open tournament at Royal St. Georges next week. While this is a very surprising turn of events, I seem to remember that he was saying this would be a small break and he would be back in time for the next major tournament. That was back at the Players, which was in May and with him missing The Open, it has now been two months since Tiger has seen a golf course. This has made me start to wonder, if we will even see Tiger back on a golf course this season. Obviously the aggravation of this injury has been worse than previously thought when he withdrew from The Players championship in May. Either Tiger is more injured than he is letting on, or else he has a huge mental block and is making this injury worse than it is, so he doesn’t have to go play until he feels ready. Either way, each passing month it is looking like we will never see the Tiger of old.

Hines Ward gets a victory rally:
Steelers wide receiver got a victory rally in Pittsburgh for winning the “Mirror Ball Trophy”. Wait…what??? An NFL receiver who was on the team who lost Super Bowl XLV got a victory rally for winning a TV show? I guess the NFL lockout has made people go stir crazy and the thought of celebrating him for winning Dancing with the Stars seemed like a good idea. I hope the NFL big wigs and players union are seeing this…because in a football crazy town like Pittsburgh, this is becoming a joke that they will have a rally for winning a reality show. What’s next? Are they going to celebrate Troy Polamalu for filming a new Head and Shoulders commercial? We really need to see an end to the NFL lockout.

Roger Clemens Trial Starts:
The trial to determine whether or not Roger Clemens lied about using PED’s starts today, wait…they haven’t done this yet? How long has it been since he got busted for this? It has taken a few years for them to decide they want to go ahead and have a trail on this, this is just a sad commentary on our justice system. At this point, there are more people who don’t know who Roger Clemens is than who remember him pre-steroids. But they will determine if he is guilty of lying, and he probably did take steroids, and he probably lied about it, which they will find him guilty, then he will pay a size able fine, go back to his trophy wife and his mansion to live out his life happily.  This just seems like a huge waste of time to even go through this charade.

NFL Lockout drags on:
As the NFL lockout drags on, and it seems like it will never end, we came out of a holiday weekend with the hopes that the Lawyers from both sides are meeting to try and come to an agreement. But Ex NFL players are now filing a suit because they feel that they have been excluded and are trying to halt the talks until they are properly represented. I completely agree that the Ex NFL players should get a better piece of the pie, and get proper benefits, because those guys took a bigger beating with worse equipment.  I have no issue with what they are trying to achieve. But this could be a step that will drag out the NFL lockout into August, it has already been said that around the 15th has to be a drop dead date on a full season, so teams could get in a full training camp. It is looking highly unlikely that anything will be done by then. It is to the point that representatives,lawyers,and anyone else who has been involved in this whole ordeal need to be locked in a conference room, and not allowed to leave until this deal is done. That is probably the only way anything will get done.

4 thoughts on “Sports Brain Seepage Vol. 5

  1. Well said Kody. Both owners and players need to come down to earth a bit. Maybe Pittsburgh had some old parade stuff leftover from their super bowl parade plans. Sort of funny. These owners with large stadium mortgage payments must be starting to sweat and if they aren’t, they should. They are always looking to squeeze another quarter and they are not winning anything.

    • Nobody is going to win in either of these lockouts. Fans will get mad, and some will quit watching the sports all together. The NFL and NBA both need to have a talk to the NHL and see what the lockout did for them. But I doubt anything will be resolved on either one until it gets to crunch time and game checks are at risk of being missed.

  2. Good seepage Kody. I think your brain must be much larger than the one you have pictured. Or, maybe that’s a picture of Tiger or Roger’s brain. You covered so much territory so well. I agree on all points. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your blogs.

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