Sports Brain Seepage Vol. 4

 Dodgers File for Chapter 11:
Earlier this week we heard the report that one of the most historical and revered franchises in Major League Baseball had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court. While the soap opera of the McCourt’s divorce and the team has been an ongoing story since before spring training, now it seems that there are more problems. There have been stories of Major League Baseball trying to muscle it’s way in and take over the team, but it seems that Frank McCourt has found ways to prevent that from happening at this point. While filing for Chapter 11 may be his next ploy to keep the team for now, in the end, the league will get control of the team and have it sold off to a proper owner that can keep the team out of the negative headlines. This just shows that even a historic franchise such as the Dodgers aren’t immune to problems that plague everyone else.

NASCAR Announces Hall of Fame:
NASCAR recently announced it’s Hall of Fame class for 2012, while the whole Hall of Fame deal is brand new for the sport, and there is a list 10 miles long of worthy inductees, I think this was a very solid group of inductees into the Hall. Your 2012 class is Cale Yarbrough, Daryl Waltrip, Dale Inman, Richie Evans, and Glen Wood. While some names are huge with the sport, and well known even today with the young fans, there are a couple names which are somewhat hidden and unknown. But like I previously said, there is a list so long that it will take years to get all of the guys who deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to this years class, it will be interesting to see who the next guys are next year.

South Carolina Wins College World Series for 2nd straight year:
Even Though they have moved into a new ballpark and it is another year, things this year ended the same way as last year. With a pile of Gamecocks on the pitchers mound. Yes, South Carolina is the first back to back champion in the College World Series since 06-07, and it is the 16th time overall a team has repeated. They won the championship last night in undramatic fashion when they defeated the Gators 5-3. Congratulations South Carolina, you deserve it. Now, how much longer till football season?

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