Sports Brain Seepage Vol. 3

 It is that time again, there is a whole lot of things that have piled up within my mind and I am going to open the flood gates and let it spew. Here comes another issue of Sports Brain Seepage.

Turf Wars: Another team adds color to field:
There have been pictures that have been published from Central Arkansas has decided to join the list of teams with colored turf. But they decided to add a new twist to the whole color scheme, they decided to go with a purple and silver field. It is bad enough that we had E. Washington decide to follow in Boise States footsteps and make their field a very visually disturbing blood red. While Boise State did it as a stunt and it was cool for one school to do it, now it seems schools are lining up to copy Boise State and even try to out do what they did originally.

Step in Central Arkansas who has gone with the alternating colors on the football field. This is taking the whole colored field thing to a new, and very sickening level. I only hope that this is a publicity stunt to help recruiting for a short time, because I don’t think I could tolerate watching a football game on that purple and grey turf in person or on TV.

Richard Childress; NASCAR’s man of the year:
There is a report from the truck race on Saturday night that there was an incident between all around d-bag Kyle Busch and car owner Richard Childress. While the reports have been pretty consistent, it was reported that as Kyle was walking back to his hauler, Richard ran up and put him in a head lock and landed a couple of punches. While NASCAR frowns on this and kept Childress from being on pit road for yesterdays race, I think they should be applauding him and giving him the NASCAR man of the year award. A beat down on Kyle Busch has been far to long in the making. But Childress will probably get in some trouble with NASCAR and may be suspended from a few races and face a fine with probation. This isn’t a good punishment at all, considering how brash and unlikeable Kyle Busch has become, they should just let it go with no punishment. But then again, I am an old school fan who misses the days of guys throwing down right in front of the grandstands. Most will say it takes away from the sport, but it was that pure emotion and rowdy redneck ways that attracted more fans than the clean cut robots who are abundant in the sport now.

NFL Lockout; The waste of time continues:
Last week there were numerous reports of covert side meetings between reps from the players union and the owners right before they went before the appeals court on Friday. But nothing seems to have been resolved even through all of that and now we are stuck waiting for the appeals court to deliver a ruling. At this point we have gone into June, and the NFL has already announced contingency plans of an 8 game season if necessary. Well, my thought here is they feel it will be, because the wouldn’t announce it if they felt this would get resolved before time to report to training camp.

At this point of the whole ordeal, if I was commissioner, I would tell representatives from each side that we need to meet somewhere, lock the doors and refuse to leave the room until a deal can be reached. There is more at stake here than just what goes on between the players and owners, there are average people who depend on the weekly work that an NFL game brings, sure it is probably a 2nd job and they could survive without it, but some people can’t. Plus there is the fans side of this fiasco, fans don’t care if the owners take 1 billion off the top or if they take 9 billion off the top, and most fans think the players are over paid as it is. This could really endanger the NFL’s popularity if they carry over into the season, because hardcore fans will stay, but new or fans who are on the fence will start looking elsewhere for their entertainment, and those are the fans that the NFL has to try and target.

 Breaking: Marv Albert agrees to join CBS NFL Coverage:
Yes, that is the breaking news this afternoon that NBA play by play veteran is going to be doing some NFL games on CBS this fall, if thereis a season. This will be an interesting test of how he will do, because a lot of his catch phrases are only good on basketball. But this will set up something interesting, depending on games and locations, you could have Marv doing a game on CBS and his son Kenny doing a game on FOX. Should be interesting to see how he will do on Football, once again, if there is even a season.

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  2. Nice article. You covered a lot of “turf”, even the colored ones. How stupid is that? I agree with your seepage on all of it. Keep up the good work, it’s entertaining…

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