Sports Brain seepage Vol. 2

Once again it is that time to round up a series of stories and blast them out as my sports brain seepage happens again. This time there will be some stories that may hit a bit of a nerve, so I will preface by saying this. These are my opinions only, I respect that not everyone will agree with me, but don’t try to bash me for the way I feel about something.

Yankee Discourse:
For some strange reason there has been an ongoing story that really doesn’t seem to be a story at all to me. The story of Jorge Posada asking to not play one day last week has become a huge issue with a piece on Outside the Lines on ESPN. It probably has gained a lot of traction because Derek Jeter had to go and stick his big ole nose into the fray. But whether or not the guy wants to play or refuses to bat 9th in the lineup shouldn’t be an issue at all, and it should never become a major story for everyone to read.

Suns President steps “Out of the closet”:
Earlier this week, the Suns president and CEO Rick Welts decided to announce publicly that he was gay this week to the media. While this is somewhat shocking to most fans, and has sparked a mass debate about homosexuals and sports. There have been a few former athletes who decided to come out and admit they were gay, but that has always been after the fact. And in reality most of the ones who “came out” were just spare part players, no real super star player has ever made that kind of announcement, and would it make big headlines if one happened to admit to being gay? Simple answer is yes it would make very big headlines and it would blast this debate through the stratosphere.

This story will make the rounds for another week or two and then it will disappear. But this has opened the debate, Are we as a society ready to move into a forward thinking stance and be ready to accept homosexuals into sports without any prejudice? Some would like to think that this would be a yes and that we are open enough as a society to not hold any bigotry or hatred.¬†But the truth of the matter is, as a whole fans and even the athletes themselves are not ready to make that leap. Nobody will come out to the forefront and say it, but it is the main reason that nobody active in sports has ever admitted to being openly gay. Even the story about the Villanova player who came out to ESPN the magazine admitted that he only told his room mate and that was it. Will someone with a position of power, who is actively in the sport, start to change that thought process? Only time will really tell if that happens or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t in his current job within a couple years and this is all gone and forgotten within the next 5 years.

Heat tie up series at 1 a piece:
The Heat tied up the series with the Bulls last night, which now sets up for a great series. This series has the potential to go the full seven games and it would excite fans to see this type of quality series to play them all. The NBA is experiencing one of it’s best playoffs in recent memory and a seven game series for the Eastern Conference Finals would help cement that. But I still think the Bulls will take this series.

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5 thoughts on “Sports Brain seepage Vol. 2

  1. Kody you write so well and so thought provokingly. Your take on things is analytical and balanced. Congratulations on being able to convey your ideas and opinions into so readable prose. The sports world is one of the last to accept a gay community, which through tolerance and acceptance, is more known to us, but probably not new to humanity.

    • Thanks Ann, It is hard to find the words to write about somthing that is probably going to be a huge issue in the world of sports in the very near future. Because wording things one way or another could be taken the wrong the way and cause people to jump to conclusions about how they percieve my thoughts and feelings on the subject to be. But thank you for the compliment.

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  3. Wow. You hit a lot of issues…very well written by the way. I’m not sure where I fall on all the subjects, but fun to find someone who brings in issues other than stats. You keep my attention and are very refreshing with your approach to your blog. Good job Kody.

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