Sports Brain Seepage; Vol. 1

Every now and then there are too many things going in sports for me to be able to dedicate a full post to it, so I will roll all these type stories into a new feature called the Sports Brain seepage. I hope you enjoy as these may become fairly regular.

NFL Lockout:
We are now into day 55 of the NFL lockout, and we are still waiting for the appeals court to make a decision on whether or not the previous judges decision will be upheld. But the NFL owners are whining that undoing the lock out will be unfair and destroy the league. As this whole ordeal has gone on, I have kind of been backing the players, because they just want the owners to open the books, and all the owners do is deflect the question. If there is a way for the owners to lose money when the slice out one billion before the players get their share, then they need to show proof to everyone. This lockout could be settled real quick if the owners would just open the books. Sure, there are more issues at hand, but every player who has spoken has said this is the #1 issue. Either way both sides need a swift kick in the nuts and need to get this settled, because if any games are missed, then the NFL will suffer the same problem that baseball took a full decade to recover from. And that is struggling attendance and lack of interest.

 Death of a Former NBA Player:
News broke earlier today that for NBA player Robert “Tractor” Traylor was found dead in his apartment in Puerto Rico. Traylor spend 7 years in the NBA and had played for Cleveland,New Orleans and Charlotte. While he wasn’t a superstar player, he had his moments on the court. It is always tragic to hear about a young mans death in any situation, Robert Traylor was 34 years old and he was suspected to have had a heart attack. He leaves behind a wife and two sons.

NBA Playoff thoughts:
The Boston Celtics are on the ropes and have to win tonight to be able to force game 5 back in Boston. But with the health of Rondo being questionable, they will be in a tough situation. This is probably not going to go well for the Celtics tonight, but I am sure they will put up a better fight than the Lakers did in their elimination game.

Memphis and Oklahoma City is becoming one of the more entertaining series in the playoffs. This one has the potential to go the full 7, and that is a great thing for the NBA, and also a very good thing for the resting Mavericks who are sitting at home waiting.

Chicago has a chance to end their series with the Hawks tomorrow night in Atlanta, but the Hawks should come out inspired and play with the same wreck less abandon they have showed throughout the series. I don’t doubt that Chicago will win the series, but I would like to see this one go the full 7 if possible, just because of how entertaining it has been. But then again, if the Bulls finish it off tomorrow, then we won’t have to see those disgustingly annoying road uniforms with “ATL” plastered on the front of the Hawks jerseys. either way, this is a good series and the fans deserve a full 7.

College Football:
Today the news came down that the BCS is going to allow the Fiesta Bowl to stay in the BCS, but they are going to fine them $1 million for their indiscretions. This seems like a slap in the face to college football fans across the country, because they were so blatant in the disregard and scandals that they should have been ousted. But then again I am sure the BCS didn’t want to allow the Cotton Bowl in because they knew that the game being at Cowboys stadium would be a better attraction of every BCS bowl except for the Rose Bowl.

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