Is it too soon to worry for Cowboys fans?


The Dallas Cowboys were the hottest team in the NFL going into their Monday night match-up with the Washington Redskins, and the game was a typical battle between division foes. Then the worst fear happened when quarterback Tony Romo went down with an injury to his already tender back.

Brandon Weeden came in and played decent to keep the Cowboys in the game, but the Cowboys couldn’t overcome the Redskins and the grumbling started within the fan base. Last week, Romo didn’t practice, but most everyone held out hope for him to play on Sunday with some rest. But right before game-time, it was announced Romo would be out. The Cowboys came out against the Cardinals and acted like they were going to rally around Weeden and win the game with some ease.

Then the Cardinals got hot, and that was all she wrote for the Cowboys who had trouble getting anything going after the first couple series. While Weeden wasn’t horrible, everybody knew the Cowboys would lean heavy on the running game and the Cardinals did everything they could to contain the backs. While it is questionable if Romo will play next week, there is reason for concern right now.

The Cowboys reeled off six straight wins after their opening week loss, but losing the last two has some people wondering if those six wins were “fools gold” from a team who has been mediocre at best for the last five years. A win in London against the Jaguars before the bye week will ease some of the anxiety, but a loss, would put most of the fan base on the ledge ready to jump.

There is still a lot of football left to play, but it is not too early to worry about how this season will shape out, because worst case scenario is still the fact those six wins could end up being the only wins of the season, and that would probably cause for major changes within the franchise.

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