Someday Will Come for Dale Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr is NASCAR’s most popular and polarizing driver in the circuit today. He is known as the golden child of the sport and has been given lofty expectations to fill, since the passing of his father. Ever since he was thrust into the spotlight, he has struggled with trying to live up to those lofty expectations. He has gone as far to break out of his fathers shadow by switching teams to Hendrick Motor sports. While this move brought a renewed excitement, the results have yet to be there. Dale Jr hasn’t won a race since June 2008, and until this season, didn’t look like he was close at any point.

Through six races this season Dale Jr has been as good and consistent as the sizable “Jr Nation” wants him to be. He has one top 5 and three top 10 finishes so far this year, and you could have added one more top 10 to that had he not gotten caught in a late wreck at Daytona. While the season is in it’s infancy and a lot can change over the next 30 races, it is looking like every week that Dale Jr is improving and is close to getting that much needed win. After last weekends 2nd place finish at Martinsville, Dale Jr and his fan base can be excited as the circuit rolls into Texas Motor Speedway, which has been a good track for Dale Jr in the past.

At Texas Dale Jr has averaged a finish of 14th, but after last weekend there is a lot of momentum to find a way to win at this track. Even if he doesn’t win at Texas, there is a building momentum that has fans and drivers alike agreeing that it will only be a short time until the number 88 is back into victory lane. Anyone in NASCAR understands that as long as Dale Jr is running good, then the sport will be more popular and run better. Dale Earnhardt Jr is standing at the door step of victory lane, and he will kick the door in to take his spot soon enough.

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5 thoughts on “Someday Will Come for Dale Jr.

  1. He has the talent and drive and heart to win. I question his sponsorship and fear his team does not give him the support he needs, thoughts?

    • He is on the best team in NASCAR, and he has anything available at his fingertips that would help him win. I think part of the problem was that he would keep “Drinkin Buddies” on his team and they were all “yes” men. With the team change this off season, there is less of that and more “Hendrick Men” who will only answer to the boss man. As far as the sponsorship, he went to a safe sponsor because he knew he could attract younger fans who could wear his gear. Kids have always rooted for and loved Jr, but parents wouldn’t let their 8yr old wear a Budwieser hat. I think we are seeing a new Jr and the new team will help him find his way on the track.

      Thanks for the comment and visiting the site.

  2. I love NASCAR. I was a #3 fan for years and I guess the love just transferred to Jr when Dale, Sr died. He is a good clean cut “good old boy” and I would love to see him win. Tough shoes to fill. Someday will come….

    • They are very tough shoes to fill, but hopefully he realizes he can’t fill those shoes. He needs to focus on making his own footprints and making his own way in the sport. He will never be like his daddy, but that’s what fans love about him, he isn’t the intimidator 2. He’s just good old loveable Jr.

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