Social Media and it’s affect on Sports

 With the boom of social media over the last couple years, it has taken a toll on society that you can now find long lost friends, relatives and meet people at a more rapid pace than ever thought possible. But the sports world tried to stay out and away from it during it’s infancy, that really took a change last year and looks to continue to build steam into this year. But as with everything, there is a fine line that could go from letting the fans into their lives and then giving the fans too much information. It seems like in 2011 that every league,team,player,and even commissioners have their own facebook pages and twitter accounts.  But the real troubling fact is the fact that college players have been on twitter and have been known to let their emotions take control of their better judgement.

Fans can now get into their favorite athletes life better than they ever have before. Sometimes you will get the very bland tweet about what was for breakfast, but then you get the juicy tweet or status update that ends up making headlines on sportscenter. While most people will say this is a great thing and will help make the player and even the sport in general better. I tend to disagree, While it is fun getting an inside look at some people, you have seen in the last year the wrong side of it. Players let their opinions fly, and end up getting in trouble over it.

Some college coaches have gone so far to ban their players from even being on twitter or facebook at all. While this is a smart move, it still happens that some players get on and use them anyway. But over the last year it has been real troubling that High School kids have been bombarded on their social networks by over zealous fans who will go as far to say anything to get a recruit to their school. On the other side of that coin, is there have been stories of kids getting death threats on facebook and twitter for not going to a particular school. I understand being a rabid fan and doing what it takes to help your team or school, but attacking a high school kid is crossing a line.

If fans want to go a berate an NFL,NBA or even an NHL player, then go ahead, because they will not take you serious. This is where I see the issue with the whole social media in sports, because some fans abuse it and take some things out of the realm of reason. Am I saying that sports stars, college students and high school recruits not use social media? No, I just think that especially for the recruits, they should keep all their information under the most strict privacy policy. I think the use of twitter and facebook in sports has hurt the overall enjoyment of the sports experience, because now people go to sporting events and spend as much time looking at their phone as opposed to watching the actual event.

Another evil with twitter espcially is the fact that one person will say somthing based on a rumor, or somthing they heard and then it will get retweeted and passed along until it creates a major story that may or may not be true. This ends up happening almost on a weekly basis and then everyone has to retract their thoughts or question why it became a story when it never was to begin with. Am I hypocritical for saying this? Probably.

I admit that I use twitter and facebook both on a daily basis to help find items to write about and stay up to date on items that have caught my fancy. But with as much good that it does for me, there is just as much bad that it brings to sports in general. It will stay popular, everyone will still use it, but the social media aspect on sports has been leaving a negative mark on sports in general for the last year. Call me a hypocrite if you will, but this is what I have seen and experienced, and I would dare say that sports would be better if it never delved into social media. Not saying everything is bad, but so far for the last two years, it has out weighed the good.

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3 thoughts on “Social Media and it’s affect on Sports

  1. Nice article Kody. Who cares what someone eats for breakfast, talks about on the phone or gives every detail up on their life minute by minute? If you want to follow that; ok by me, but no one has to read it or believe it. No one really cares anyway, but some people will do anything for their “15 minutes of fame”. Then it’s gone (poof) and someone new has taken their place. Such is life.

  2. Social media is reality tv and gossip magazines in which fans can participate. Like it or not, our culture created it and it is changing the world- sports and otherwise.

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