Rangers must win Game 6

At the start of the series there was pretty much a thought that the Rangers would have to finish this series off as quickly as possible. But that was before the Rangers took the first two at home, and then the thought crept in about shutting the series down in Detroit. While it seemed that the Rangers had two quality opportunities to finish off the Tigers in Detroit, they were unable to finish the job and now have two chances to end the series at home.

The Rangers need to take advantage of the home field today and step on the jugular, because giving this dangerous Detroit team a chance to survive one more day could come back to haunt the Rangers. Yes the Tigers have to win two straight and that hasn’t been done yet in this series, but there seems to be pep in the step of Detroit pushing it back to Arlington. The Rangers need to win game 6 to end the Tigers season and don’t give them any hope to come back on Game 7. Letting the Tigers push this to a game 7 could end up being part of the Rangers demise.

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4 thoughts on “Rangers must win Game 6

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  2. You were so right with this story yesterday, and yes, they stepped all over Detroit. This year the Rangers will win it all. Nice article Kody…enjoy your blogs.

  3. You are right. We need to win tonight. Waited for this win for a very long time. Go Rangers. I would not mind seeing Holland pitch again.

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