SMU – TCU; the Rivalry that just woke up

This past weekend the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex was treated to something that hasn’t really been anything exciting for a number of years, the annual rivalry between SMU and TCU has always been an afterthought for an area where fans will go crazy when something happens. This is a game that until recently had a long string of dominating performances from TCU, but last year on ESPN, June Jones showed the nation that SMU was on the climb and was ready to knock TCU off the local dominance. This year, everybody expected TCU to be able to make their case to have another BCS run, but that got derailed quickly with an upset in Waco, but the Horned Frogs have been working to regain some of that lost momentum since that first game. This would have been a good step to start building that momentum over a vastly improved SMU team.

 While the game was exciting from the onset, it was known early that SMU came to Fort Worth to play and make their case. This was a fun game to watch early, because the underdog Mustangs came out and lay shot after shot against their rival and looked to just take the game over early. But in typical rivalry fashion, TCU wasn’t going to just lie down and let SMU run over them. TCU made the late game push to try and take the game back. This ultimately ended up forcing the game into overtime, and in the extra frame the Mustangs found a way to pull off the victory. While it was a great victory for an up and coming SMU program, it did signal some alarms in Fort Worth and brought their fans back to a crushing reality. This TCU team isn’t going to do what it did last year.

 It is games like this that will strike a fire on both sides of the rivalry and awaken the dormant feelings that have been in so many local alumni. It is easy for fans to get complacent when one side tends to dominate year after year. But all it takes is one game to ignite that fire within the fans and bring back a rivalry that goes back to the early days of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. If this rivalry can become an even match every year, even the most neutral football fan will get excited and you will start seeing fans that don’t have a rooting interest take interest in this game. I think you can say that the SMU-TCU rivalry is waking up and it will wake up the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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  2. Love the unpredictability of this season but really watching Baylor too. I know Art Briles and he WILL have a winning team. He took Stephenville to 5 state championships and can motivate players like no other. I said 2 years ago that he would put Baylor in a contender situation. It is slowly happening.

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