SMU Coaching Candidates part 4


As I have previously discussed, there are a lot of candidates I am talking about for the vacant SMU coaching position. Some make sense, and some are questionable, but I feel every name will be one which is considered within the program. SMU may want to reach out and lure a “Big Fish” but they would be better to try and lure in a younger coach who needs a place to “cut his teeth”.

Brent Venables is another candidate who will have some familiarity with the Dallas area after spending so much time as an assistant at Oklahoma. He left to be come the defensive coordinator at Clemson, but has been named as a possible coaching candidate at many openings. He may be able to get a job at a much bigger school, SMU could be a great starting point because there won’t be as much pressure to win. He can build a program here and turn it into a winner.

Dennis Franchione will be a familiar name, he was the head coach at TCU and also Texas A&M. He is currently coaching at Texas State, and it is very unlikely he will leave for this job, but a good name to consider because he does have a history of jumping jobs. Not to mention he will be very familiar with the recruiting grounds in Dallas. Franchione would also bring a known name to the Hilltop which could appease boosters. And it would ruffle the feathers of SMU’s biggest rival hiring their former coach. Almost a win-win.

Major Applewhite – A name familiar to most people around the state and has a history of being a winner with his time at Texas as starting quarterback and he has spent time coaching at Texas, Alabama, Syracuse and Rice. Currently he isn’t working in College football, but an opportunity to get back in the game and try his hand at being a head coach would be something to peak his interest.¬† Some will think Applewhite may not be ready to take over coaching duties at a school, but he was known to be a top coordinator during his time at Rice, Alabama and at Texas. He just got caught up in the old regime and got ousted because of the new coach.

This is the final installment of the coaching candidates, there are a few more names, mostly Mack Brown being named, there will probably be more on him, but right now this is the list of possible coaches for the Mustangs.

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