SMU Coaching candidates part 3


Continuing the series of looking at potential new coaches on this hilltop, we have had some interesting debate over some of the names on the last two versions of the list, while this list may seem far-fetched to some and kind of crazy to others, these are just names of potential candidates who could be interviewed. It doesn’t mean these guys are even really in the running, I am sure the real list will make it self-known at some point by the end of the season.

Josh Heupel is the next candidate who seems to make some sense for the Mustangs. He has been a coach on the Oklahoma staff since 2006, and he seems to be building a good reputation within the coaching ranks. It is a safe bet to think he would have some familiarity with the recruiting in Texas, since Oklahoma recruits the state so heavily. He would be a good name to add some spark on the hilltop, and a lot of recruits would probably be excited to play for him. Not to mention he would bring some credibility because had a great playing career and has been a good coach at Oklahoma. Plus it wouldn’t be a far move for him to get some head coaching experience and he may be the heir apparent in Norman when Stoops steps down.

Current Louisiana Lafayette  Head Coach Mark Hudspeth is another name mentioned for the coaching vacancy. But I wouldn’t hold out much home for him, he has a good job at Lafayette and he will probably look  for a bigger job than SMU if he wants to move up. But I am sure he would listen if SMU came calling.

Another up and coming coach to look at is Jake Spavital from Texas A&M would be another interesting candidate to look at. He hasn’t been in the coaching game long, but he is becoming a quality coach and is starting to get noticed. Being from A&M, he would have a good familiarity with the coaches in the state, and he would bring a youthful excitement to the hilltop. Would he be a serious candidate? Who knows…but someone to look at.

This is the third installment and there is one more look to go with some additional names. Hopefully the ones who get interviewed will bring something special to the table and help pick SMU up and bring them back to where they were a few years ago.

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