Sleeved Jerseys, why NBA? why?

We have been seeing the NBA bringing out new sleeved jerseys and it seems like each week, they are being worn more and more by NBA teams. Now, I understand this is an opportunity to appeal to a crowd who may not like, or may not want to wear the old tank top style of jersey. But I have to say they look completely stupid and it just doesn’t look right. But because the NBA can make millions off of it, they will push for teams to wear these more and more.

Sure, right now it is just a sporadic thing which we don’t see every night. But who is to say, we won’t see these hideous uniforms on teams full time next season, or later down the line. Even the likes of Lebron James have come out against the uniforms, yeah he said it affected his shooting and he just couldn’t get comfortable. But it was still a big statement to have “The Face” of the NBA against the item it seems to be pushing.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” should be the motto the NBA thinks of when they want to push this uniform out. The NBA is at its most popular stature and seems to be picking up fans by the truck load. At this time just let the game do the work and the fans will flock, you don’t have to come out with some tricked up sleeved jersey to try and make another couple million.

Do like every other sport and come out with a t-shirt jersey, or shirsey for some, to appeal to the fans who don’t want the authentic jersey. They look better than what you’re trying to peddle to the masses.

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3 thoughts on “Sleeved Jerseys, why NBA? why?

  1. Money rules all in professional sports. All they are doing is offering something else for the fans to buy. I agree…what a shame.

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