Silence is Golden

Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones

I never thought in a million years that I would ever be able to say that one of the most out spoken and abrasive owners of a Dallas franchise has kept his mouth shut lately. But while he has kept his silence, his team has started an impressive run in the playoffs. If you haven’t caught on yet I am talking about Mark Cuban, which is one of the owners in the Dallas area that hasn’t met a microphone or media member he didn’t like.  But amazingly enough, he has not said anything during the last few weeks. He has done the local media radio shows, and has talked to media, but nothing that would catch headlines and have Sportscenter mentioning his name. Amazingly enough there have only been two words uttered and put into stories around the country, and those two words? “We Believe”.

Now there is another owner in the area who has made his name more well known than most of the players on  his roster, and he will talk you till you are deaf, then buy a speech to text translator and continue talking until you go blind. Jerry Jones has never had enough of a filter to know when to keep his mouth shut about everything. Hopefully he is seeing something with what Cuban has done, Silence equals success? Possibly so.
Hopefully Jerry will at least think about trying out this new media silence method, because nearly every Cowboys fan in Dallas is tired of hearing Jerry Jones ramble for 2 hours before the head coach gets a chance to speak. But then agian probably not, which makes me think Mark Cuban will be hoisting a trophy in downtown Dallas before Jerry will. Either way, the local sports fans implore you Jerry, to please learn the meaning of Silence is golden and adhere to it.

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