Should the Rangers re-sign Josh Hamilton?


As we approach the start of the season, there has been one topic on the minds of most media personalities in the metroplex. Will the Rangers get a deal done with Josh Hamilton or not? Josh has not helped his cause since he is sending confusing messages. One is he said he doesn’t feel like he owes the Rangers any kind of a “hometown discount”. Then later he says he wants to stay here. Confusing? I think so.

Josh Hamilton is one of the three best players on the Rangers roster, and when he is fully healthy he is probably the best. However, therein lies the core issue with him. For one thing he hasn’t been fully healthy for the entire season the past two years. Then you have to take into account the concern of his drug addiction relapses. Both of these items, along with his age, would probably dissuade the Rangers somewhat in offering him a long term deal for a huge amount of money.

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying; I want to see Hamilton in a Rangers jersey for a long time. But let’s be realistic – with his injury problems, his age and multiple addiction relapses, I don’t think it would be smart for the Rangers to break the bank to sign him.
The Rangers have a solid core of players who are slowly getting locked up long term, and adding Hamilton can only strengthen the future of this team. However you don’t want to sign him at the cost of losing the ability to be able to keep someone else.

So, I ask…Should the rangers make every effort to re-sign Josh Hamilton? If he is willing to accept a fair offer from the team and not break the bank, then yes by all means re-sign him. If he won’t accept a fair offer and wants to be “money whipped”, then let him go and bring up some of the younger talent and prime them to fill the void. Josh Hamilton doesn’t make this team; it is the core group that makes this team so successful. The Rangers can survive without Josh Hamilton. I know this will be an unpopular statement, but it is the overall truth.

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  1. Strangely enough, last night while watching the Rangers on ESPN, the announcers got into a discussion about re-signing Josh. It was almost as if they had read your post. Very good article and thought stimulating.

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