Should the Rangers go after Roy Oswalt?


Free Agent Roy Oswalt

The Texas Rangers have enjoyed a very good offseason to this point, but there has been some drama surrounding the club and some surprises also. While the Rangers have improved their pitching staff and bullpen with some quality additions, there is still one guy out there who could be vital to the success of this upcoming season. The player is Roy Oswalt, who played for the Philadelphia Phillies last season, and is rumored to want to play for the Rangers and is just waiting for the right offer.

There are two different schools of thought about Oswalt and the Rangers. The first and seemingly the most popular thought is the Rangers don’t need him and it would be a mistake. However, the second thought and my personal feeling is bringing him in could only reinforce the pitching staff.  Sure, if he comes in, then you would have to move around some key players and find a way to make it work. But ask yourself this question…How could bringing in an experienced starting pitcher be a bad thing?  Remember Cliff Lee?

Chances are he will only sign a one or two year deal and probably will retire after the conclusion of his contract anyway. He is a proven commodity and has a chance to really be a solid anchor to this youthful rotation. Sure, bringing in someone of his age is a risk, but the Rangers took a risk on bringing in Mike Napoli last year and how did it work out? With the youth of this pitching staff, how could spending a year or two with a veteran guy who has been a good to great pitcher for most of his career be bad for this group?

The Angels improved themselves dramatically this offseason, and I don’t want to see the Rangers get passed by because they didn’t want to offend one of the young guys. This team has the makings of being able to make a 3rd consecutive run to post season and possibly the World Series. Why not sign Oswalt and let him be a veteran leader during crunch time? Experience is never a bad thing, and this guy is chock full of big time experience. So yes…the Rangers should go after Roy Oswalt in my opinion.

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