Series Recap – Angels

Texas RangersThe Rangers are coming off a terrible end to a month which looked to be a good month for them. They are going into hostile territory against the Los Angeles Angels and will have to face some familiar foes in hopes to get back on the winning track. A good showing in this series can refocus the team and help them to stay close in the early division race. But facing an Angels team on the road is never an easy task.

5/2 – Lewis vs. Santiago: Rangers 5 – Angels 2 – The Rangers were able to break a losing streak and a home run drought all in the same game. While getting another solid outing from starter Colby Lewis. This team could be turning the corner and could start having the familiar “pop” most fans expect from the Rangers. Only time will tell.

  • Choo 3-4, 2RBI, HR
  • Rios 2-4, 2RBI, HR

5/3 – Harrison vs. Richards: Angels 5 – Rangers 3 – Coming off a game where the Rangers were looking good, the Rangers still had some success and they just couldn’t get out of their own way. With one more game to go in the series, the Rangers still have a chance to win the series in a matchup on Sunday.

  • Choo 2-3, 1RBI
  • Rios 2-4
  • Murphy 2-4
  • Chirinos 2-4

5/4 – Darvish vs. Skaggs: Rangers 14 – Angels 3 – The Rangers had a big day with the bats getting 14 hits and 14 runs on a getaway game against the Angels. It was also nice to see the Rangers put up some solid run support for their ace Yu Darvish who went six and one-third innings.

  • Beltre 3-5, 1RBI
  • Fielder 3-4, 2RBI


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