September 11th

Ten Years ago today we learned what kind of evil lurks in the world when the unspeakable tragedy struck our shores in New York, Washington and in Pennsylvania. In the days that followed the tragedy the world seemed to sit still for all Americans and even sports stopped for the country to reflect and to mourn. Since the attacks on 9-11 we have seen everything from air travel to attending a local sporting event have stepped up security. While there are some people who still want to complain about all of this, I choose to be thankful that our country is still so vigilant even 10 years after the attacks.

While there will be sports going on today, lets remember and reflect upon the unspeakable tragedy that happened 10 years ago and lets also work as a country to never forget and never let it happen again. It is hard to find words on a day like today, but with all of the commercials and tributes happening today, the emotions are still as sharp and as fresh as the moment those towers fell.

The world has never been the same since that day, but in a way, I feel that the world has gotten better. Enjoy the beginning of the NFL season today, but also take time to reflect, and to honor those who serve, and those who gave selfishly on that day. Many lives have been saved since that day in 2001 by people giving theirs for our safety and for that I just want to say thank you. We will never forget.

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  1. Great article Kody and very well said. I admire you put “first things first” and printed this before doing your articles about the games. I also love the picture you posted.

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