Sense of Entitlement aiding in Longhorns struggles

Last year was a very rough and painful year for the fans ans supporters of the University of Texas. In the previous 10 years it has been a long run of consistency and steady winning. Sure, it wasn’t an undefeated season every year, but there was a streak on 10+ wins and always being in position to compete for conference championships and even national championships. Mack Brown had been a god send in Austin, and he could feasibly do no wrong.

Even when the play calling was unpopular and things weren’t always clicking, fans still had unwavering support for Mack, and his staff. Then the wheels fell off and anything that could go wrong, seemed to go wrong. The struggles and problems on the field led Mack to go through and make changes to his staff this off season. But the problems seem to go deeper than some coaches who wore out their welcome. The team seems to carry a sense of entitlement, and Tunis group of players have nothing to be entitled about.

This issue seems to start from the recruiting of a player. The player feels entitled to be a 4 year starter because he is recruited by Texas from an early age. Most of the time Texas has the next class verbally committed before signing day of the current class. Most of the kids recruited can spend their entire.senior year preparing to attend Texas, and are probably being told they are worthy of being a full time starter, which leads to entitlement.

While the Longhorns have enjoyed immense success under Mack Brown, and have won a championship, it is up to this new coaching staff to change this culture of entitlement or things may get worse before they -get better. This team has not had any undefeated seasons or played for a conference title, the players need to realize that they have to earn the skins on the wall. The fans will always carry some entitlement from past success, but the coaches Need to make sure that the team doesn’t, otherwise there could be more bad seasons in Austin. No football team should ever carry around a sense of entitlement, as referenced last year, that entitlement can lead to losses and embarrassing moments during the football season. Mack Brown needs to right the ship this coming season, because the fan base will not tolerate many more seasons like last season.

4 thoughts on “Sense of Entitlement aiding in Longhorns struggles

  1. Sounds like you could be talking about the Dallas Cowboys also. Mack has cleaned house…now he needs to clean attitudes. Glad to see he is taking definitive steps. Time he did so. He is as much responsible for these attitudes as are the kids and coaches. It always starts at the top.

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