Run Ricky Run, into Bronze

Back in the late 90’s it was common place to hear fans chant “Run Ricky Run” on a Saturday afternoon. They were screaming because running back Ricky Williams was one of the most electrifying and dynamic players in the game at the time. He could easily turn an easy 3 yard gain into an amazing 25 yard run. Ricky Williams was one of the last true great running backs in college football.

Sure, there are good running backs in the game today, and there have been since Ricky, but the difference between then and now is simple; the Texas Longhorns of those days relied on Ricky to carry the brunt of the offense. Those weren’t the days of short passes and read option quarterbacks. Ricky Williams would strap the Longhorns offense on his back and carry them for the day.  He was very similar to another great and revered Texas running back, the “Tyler Rose”, Earl Campbell.

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2 thoughts on “Run Ricky Run, into Bronze

  1. He was a great college back. Texas has had some good ones as have other schools. Proud to see him recongnized.

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