Rumors, Rumors and more Rumors

For the last couple weeks, if not longer, there have been numerous rumors surrounding the Longhorns and Mack Brown. Obviously with lackluster seasons happening in consecutive years, the fan base is extremely unhappy with Mack. But it seems every day or so someone posts something on a message board or twitter with news from a “source” about some development on who the next coach will or will not be. The popular name among message board fodder is Nick Saban and everyone has had some story or information from a “source” that almost guarantees he will be at Texas.

While I am not against the thought of Nick Saban becoming the next head coach of Texas, I have some reservations on how true it really is, because let’s face it; he has a very nice gig at Alabama right now. I am not saying that the people with “sources” are wrong, or they are just lying to get the pot stirred up. I am just saying that I wouldn’t start celebrating the news until you have seen the press conference with him being introduced as the new Head coach.

The one fact about these rumors is the fact it is time for a change on the 40 acres. Mack has been very good for the university and brought them back up to prominence from the bottom of the pile. But 15 years is a long time for a coach to stay put in today’s college football. It seems more common for a coach to pack up and move on after four or five years. It is always good for a program to get some new blood into the mix and reignite a fire that may or may not have dimmed over time.

Anybody who becomes the head coach at Texas will have a very passionate and loyal fan base to support him. At this point, I don’t want to buy into a bunch of rumors and dream talk until we know for sure what will happen. Either way, these rumors need to slow down because if it isn’t Nick Saban who is named the next head coach, then there will be a big portion of the fan base disappointed with the name, even if it is a better fit for the program.

2 thoughts on “Rumors, Rumors and more Rumors

  1. On the mark my man. As my grandmother used to say, “don’t count your chickens until they hatch”. I think your post clearly points out no one really knows what is going on. Let’s just wait and see. Good job.

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