Ron Washington gets extension through 2015

Ron Washington ExtensionThe Texas Rangers announced on Monday they had agreed to a contract extension through 2015 with manager Ron Washington. While most people believed Ron Washington was at risk of not being extended after this year, he has proven to be one of the most successful managers in Rangers history. He has taken the Rangers into the post season 3 times, twice to the World Series. While he may not be the most conventional manager, he has become loved by fans and players alike.

Washington was a surprise pick for Manager when he took over in 2007, but since then he has proven to be one of the better managers in the league currently. He has a career mart of 611-524 with a winning percentage of .538, which is the highest among Rangers managers in the history of the franchise. He is also one of the winningest managers in Major League Baseball since 2007. He is also tied for fourth with the longest tenure in the MLB. All of this equates to one thing, consistency. Washington may not have been the best pick when he was hired, and he may raise fans ire when he doesn’t do something right, he is a winner and has done more with perceivably less.

Depending on how this season goes, it may determine if he gets an extension further out from 2015 or if he will be a “lame duck”. But at least he has the job security to make it through this season and next season. On a side note, he isn’t the only one who has their job future in jeopardy after 2015; John Daniels also has his contract end at that time. It is safe to say, if the Rangers make a deep run into the playoffs, then both of these gentlemen will return. Because with Washington on the field leading the players, fans can rest easy knowing the team will continue to be competitive.

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  1. You said it in your blog…he has done more with less than any other manager in the league. I didn’t care for him at first, but he has made them very competitive using basic fundementals. In Ron’s words…”that the way baseball go”.

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