Roll Tears Roll; Upset in Tuscaloosa

It is at the point of the season where the games are getting more and more interesting, and it was one game that had everyone’s attention on Saturday. #15 Texas A&M was traveling into Tuscaloosa to play #1 Alabama. Coming in as a 13.5 point underdog, there was not anyone outside of the Aggie fan base that gave them a chance in this game. But from the first possession, it looked like A&M was ready to play, and came to make a statement.

It started fast and furious for the Aggies as they were able to capitalize early and often in this game. Johnny Manzel looked like he was lathered up in Vaseline and was as elusive  as rain during a Texas summer. He found ways to make plays and dumbfound defenders with so much ease, that it looked like it was going to be an ugly day in Tuscaloosa for the Crimson Tide.

The Aggies started the game off with 20 unanswered points and looked ready to route the top ranked tide in their home. But being the #1 team in the country, the Tide were not going to go quietly as they were able to muster 14 points of their own heading into the half. At this point everyone around the country was ready to give the Crimson Tide the victory because A&M has a history of 2nd half meltdowns. But Johnny Football as Manzel has been dubbed had other ideas on this special night in Alabama.

Manzel found ways to make plays to keep A&M alive throughout the day and he earned his player of the game with a truly special game. But AJ McCarron tried to steal the show and had a perfect chance to do it again on consecutive weeks. But the football gods wouldn’t be on his side this week as he was picked in the end zone, effectively ending the game. The Aggies were the butt of all jokes when they announced the move the SEC, but right now it looks like the Aggies are going to get the last laugh.

They will be laughing all the way back to College Station, while the tears will flow in Tuscaloosa.

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4 thoughts on “Roll Tears Roll; Upset in Tuscaloosa

  1. Totally Awesome Kody. Wow…you said it great. I’ve never been an Aggie fan. But since I am less of an Alabama fan I sat there and watched and caught myself pulling for A&M. They played a great game and have a great coach. Loved your blog pal. Keep up the good work.

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